Cincinnati and Karlstad

Cincinnati and Karlstad

Well now we are well underway with the planning of the trip to the United States in July 2012.
Is there still someone who wantS to sign up for this trip, they must do it fast because
we need to confirm booking of tickets and participation very soon.

The 1 seminar in Karlstad with the new music was, as usual, successful.
Edgar Vitola, from Riga and his regular pianist was flown in. And they did a great job as usual.
They will also come for the seminar in January, so you will be in safe hands when it comes to rehearse the program for the concert in Cincinnati.
Much of this repertoire is rather easy to learn, but there are some pieces with tricky rhythms. This was rehearsed on the weekend of November.
It is therefore very important to attend these seminars where you get the help you need to learn the songs properly.
This time we were back at the restaurant "FREDEN" as we used for many years before.
We will also have our meals there in January.
The food was very good, with extra vegetables, at request by the singers, and ample portions and, not least very friendly staff.

Practice diligently on the program, please! Good luck!


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