English information about the concerts in ÖREBRO AND VADSTENA 6/6 and 7/6-03


Ørebro - Sweden June 6th. 2003. The Swedish national day

Vadstena - Sweden June 7th. 2003 Musical festival. Some of he artists
asked to participate:

- Sissel
- Tommy Körberg
- Carola
- Barbara Hendrix
- Håkan Hagegård
- m.m.Repertoar:
Le Miserable
Borodin: Prince Igor: Polovtsian Dance
And some Opera music

Hi everybody. Happy New Year!

It has been quiet around WFC for quite a while now. The reason is that
we have worked for a while with several different projects. The one that
was first settled is 2 concerts in Sweden this summer


This is a concert in connection with the opening of there new, big
Football arena, Eyravallen. There will be a large stage with room for
500 singers, an orchestra and soloists. On this arena there will be room
for 15000.audience.


This is in connection with the celebration of the Saint Birgitta. (The
Tutelary saint for Sweden and the Birgittines) It is 700 years since
her birth, and we shall celebrate this with a concert in their grand
Catholic Church that can room 1400 people.

"The saint Birgitta was born in Finstad by Uppsala /Uppland in 1303.
Her father, Birger Pedersson was an expert of law and a spokesman for
The king and also a rich landowner. On both sides the families were
Landlords with political influence, culture and they were also very
Religious. That you can see from the large donations they did to
churches and other religious institutions."

If you wish to read more about this you can log into Internet

This will be a new kind of concert for WFC. Singing together with
artists from both classical music and popular music at the same time.
We have been invited by the city council of Ørebro to participate in
this arrangement, and we will work together with Ørebro Chamber
Orchestra with 40 members. There will also be a large "Popband" That
means, 60 musicians plus soloists.

The Swedish Television has shown great interest in transmitting this

The program will be:
Opera music, musicals, music for orchestra and several different

These artists have been asked to participate in this concert:
Sissel Kykjebø - Tommy Kørberg - Carola - Barbara Hendrix - Håkan
Hagegård and some more.

Travel and accommodation
Singers who do not live in Norway Sweden and Denemark have to come to
Ørebro by themselves. Accommodation in 3-4 star hotel in Ørebro. WFC
will transfer all singers by bus to the concert in Vadstena. (1.5 hour
trip each way)
London: from Standstedt to Vesterås 100 km from Ørebro Ryan air
London: from Standstedt to Skravestad 150 km from Ørebro Ryan air
London: from Heathrow to Stockholm 220 km from Ørebro SAS/BA
Frankfurt: from Hahn toSkravestad 150 km from Ørebro Ryan air
Iceland from Reykjavik toStockholm 220 km from ØrebroIceland Air
All other countries arrive Stockholm

There will be a common party for all participant and guests after the
concert in Vadstena , June 7th. The party will take place in Ørebro.

This repertoire is still not settled but suggested
Verdi: Aida, Grand Finale
Verdi: Nabucco, Va Pensiero
Verdi:Il Travatore, Vedi le Forssche
Verdi: Il Travatore, Libiamo Ne`lieti EKSTRA
Borodin: Prince Igor: Polovtsian Dance new
Le Misserable new
Chess new

You must arrive Ørebro June 4th in the afternoon/evening. Arrival at the
hotel in Ørebro, Accomodation in 3-4 star hotel incl. breakfast. After
in check at the hotel, there will be a rehearsal for choir, piano and
- June 5th Rehearsal for choir, orchestra and soloists.
- June 6th rehearsal and dress rehearsal at the Eyravallen football
- June 6th at 18.00 hour, concert.
- June 7th Departure to Vadstena at 10.00 hour.
- 12.00 hour, dress rehearsal.
- 15.00 hour, concert.
- June 8th. Departure from the hotel.
Hope to see you all in Ørebro.

Time for rehearsals you will get from your local contact person. NB! If
you have not been singing Grand Opera before, please contact the WFC
office by: Phone +47 33 42 60 60 Fax +47 33 42 60 61 E-mail: wfc@wfc.no
Then I can send Music and cassettes to your local contact person for
delivering to you on the 1st rehearsal. Everyone will get music of the
new songs on the 1st rehearsal.

Membership fee:
Membership fee for 2003 is:
- $ 50 - £ 30 - AUD 90 - EURO 50
Account number:
Great Britain: HSBC Bank PLC 40-05-18 Account no 911 85675
Germany: Stadtsparekasse München BLZ 701 50000 Account no: 12-240636
Australia/NZ: ANZ - BGL Account no 013-338 2586-79495
USA: P.O.Box 223247, Carmel CA 93922

* All payments to our account within the set date.

* The office will not send you any invoice before the last payment. Do
follow the paying schedule on the participation form.

* Please mark all your payment with your membership number and what
the payment is about.

Cancellation Insurance.
General Cancellation rules.
40 days before departure, WFC keep 100% of the value of the trip
80 days before departure, WFC keep 75% of the value of the trip
120 days before departure, WFC keep 50% of the value of the trip.

Rules for WFC Cancellation insurance.
You can sign up for cancellation insurance at WFC.
In case of illness before departure, you will get paid back your
EXCEPT- Participation fee, membership fee, course fee and deposit.
To get your money back, you have to send a medical certificate to WFC,
and the insurance is only valid in case of illness of your own, or illness of
wife/husband or children.

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