Dear singer.
Finally spring is here in Scandinavia and the snow is gone and we are all happy.
You have, probably opposite feelings about the weather in other parts of the world, but I hope you are all well.
The trip to Egypt during Easter was very nice with many exciting experiences, and so were the concerts both in Alexandria and in Cairo.
The response from the singers about hotels and Sightseeing has all been positive.
In Alexandria, Queen Silvia of Sweden, and Princess Victoria stayed in the same hotel as the WFC singers, so it must have been a fine hotel and it was an extra bonus for the singers, especially the singers from Sweden.
You can read more about the trip to Egypt in the next Newsletter.

At present time we are working on 5 new projects but I doubt that all of them will be carried through.
However, 1 concert in Russia is confirmed and we are waiting for the confirmation and the date of the 2nd concert.
We are also negotiating with people from Rumania and Turkey, and hope to get agreements with them soon.
The rest of the projects are, at present time too uncertain to mention.
As you will see, we are working hard to get agreements for future concerts. You will get more information soon.

Wish you all a nice week end.

Best wishes

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