Christmas letter.

Russian tour 2008

Dear Singers.
Christmas is almost here, and the office will be closed from the 21st of December 2007 to the 2nd of January 2008.
We have gladly received application forms for Russia from all over the world, and we are looking forward to meet you all in St. Petersburg.
We have got many new singers from Australia and New Zealand in addition to the "Old" members.
Many of them are participating at our Tour in Russia September 2008.
By now: From New Zealand 12 and from Australia 26 singers.
In addition to that, we have got about 30 new members from Perth. The rest of the choir comes from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Holland, France, Italy and USA.
There might also be some local singers attending the concerts in St. Petersburg and Moscow.
I call on every one of you to do a lot of rehearsing. If you do not know Verdi Requiem, WFC have made rehearsal CDs that you can buy from us to help you by rehearsing this piece.
Many singers find them very useful by rehearsing on their own.
By arriving in St. Petersburg, we have only 3-4 rehearsals, so you have to be well prepared. These rehearsals together with the conductor and the Orchestra must be used for the final corrections.
We will send you sightseeing offers in the beginning of 2008. A local firm is working on this matter to give us a good offer.
Everyone will have the opportunity to attend these sightseeing. The sightseeing will come in front of, between or after the rehearsal.

Below you can see the suggested rehearsal plan for both St. Petersburg and Moscow.

The date of the concert:
Sunday 21.09.08 at 19.00

18.09.08 in the evening Rehearsal Choir
19.09.08 in the morning Rehearsal Choir
In the afternoon or evening- Rehearsal - Orchestra and Choir
20.09.08 in the morning Rehearsal - Orchestra and Choir
In the afternoon or evening Rehearsal - Orchestra and Choir
21.09.08 in the afternoon Dress Rehearsal

The date of the concert:
Wednesday 24.09.08 at 19.00

22.09.08 in the evening Rehearsal-choir
23.09.08 in the morning Rehearsal orchestra and choir
in the afternoon or evening- Rehearsal orchestra and choir
24.09.08 in the afternoon Dress rehearsal

In St. Petersburg we will probably all stay at the Moscow hotel. In Moscow, it is still not confirmed which hotel we will use, but it will soon come.
Our travel arranger is working on that too.
This is all for now.
We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

Best wishes
World Festival Choir
Jan, Hildegunn and Kjell

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