WFC wish you happy Easter holidays.

Dear singer

Spring is suddenly arrived in Scandinavia and all the snow is finally melting! We had lot of it this year.
Many of us have used the winter time rehearsing Verdi Requiem to be prepared for the concert in Hungary in August. We had one day of rehearsal in Stockholm and Oslo in November, and one day of rehearsal in Oslo in March. We also arranged a week end seminar in Karlstad, Sweden in January where about 50 singers attended. It was very successful according to Jan Helge Trøen, our conductor from Oslo, and also very nice. Many WFC friends from Norway, Denmark and Sweden met and had a good time.
We are also arranging a week end seminar in Sweden 16th to 18th of April. About 70 singers will participate at this seminar. We are staying and having our meals at Scandic Winn hotel, Norra Strandgatan 9 - 11, Karlstad. This hotel is located in the centre of the city.
This time we have hired a Latvian conductor from Riga, Edgars Vitols
and his pianist Mareta Beitika to lead the rehearsals. They will come especially from Riga for this week end. We are very much looking forward to work with them again. Edgars Vitols is the young conductor who “was warming up” the choir before the rehearsals and concert in Vilnius last year. The weekend seminar from Friday to Sunday, food inclusive, cost Euro 200 in a double room.

Those of you, who have no chance to attend these week end seminars, please rehearse privately. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT!!
We all have to realise the importance of knowing the piece inside out when we come to Hungary. Do use you CD/Cassettes and scores regularly.

WFC wish you happy Easter holidays.

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