All WFC singers participating at the Zemplen music festival in August have now received
Application forms for sightseeing in Sarospatak and in Budapest.
In Sarospatak we were able to give 1 sightseeing offer to everybody, for both days, but because we are arriving and leaving Budapest at different dates, we have got 1 sightseeing offer for those of you arriving at the 6th of August and 1 offer for those of you arriving on the 8th of August.
This way, everyone may participate at some sightseeing in Budapest too.
When applying for these sightseeing, please mark your Application with the letter on the form. You may also apply by e-mail:

The time of the sightseeing in Sarospatak may be changed caused by changes in the rehearsal program!

Last but not least, you have to rehearse the Verdi Requiem again and again until you are departing for Hungary in august. We have to be well prepared for the concert. We all wish to do a good job, donít we?

Good luck!!

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