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From January 14th to January16th, WFC arranged its first choir seminar in 2011, in Karlstad, Scandic Winn hotel. Once again a very successful event. Rehearsals and all meals we had at the hotel. Edgars Vitols and Inez, his wonderful talented pianist friend from Riga, accounted for the rehearsals. The Opera program that WFC has performed previously was swept quickly through. Vitols concentrated on the two new songs, "The Bartered Bride" and the Polovtsian dances "sung in its original languages. Vitols and Inez had the chorus to memorize the text sentence by sentence. They promised to send music with transcription soon. Then you will get new notes sent to you again. The singers, however, took the challenge, and by the last run through on Sunday morning, it sounded really good. Cheerful songs, we think. We look forward to working with these two young people again in June in Riga, if not earlier. At the weekend seminar 1 April to 3 April they are occupied with concerts with their own choirs, and cannot come.
It was expressed a wish to receive links to these 2 songs. Below you will find those links. Hope they can be of help to you at your rehearsal.
Opening Chorus from the Bartered Bride

Polovtsian Dances, Alexander Borodin

It is still possible to join the seminar in Karlstad, 1 to 3 April. You can join even if you do not come to Riga. These seminars are both instructive and enjoyable. You’ll meet singer friends and get instruction of professional conductors. Contact the office if you wish to join.

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