Newsletter 3/99 and update of WFC pages

The latest Newsletter is now on the Web and can be viewed and downloaded.

The information about the concerts in Oslo and China in "Future Concerts" has been moved to the bottom of "Previous concerts" if you would like to read it. We will place all information regarding old concerts there

I have got some mails from you members asking for updates to our Web - pages. We are very grateful for tips from you members. But we have to admit that there is a lot of work in the office these days, so the webpages have not been updated regulary, as they should be. We are aware of the situation and will try to update them ofter in the future.

We have also installed the new membership - program, and you will soon be able to read the information we have stored on you directly from the Web. This will make it much easier for you members to check the information we have stored. But remember that it is only the people on our mailinglist who will be informed when this is completed, so if you don't have signed up yet, go and sign up.

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