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Newsletter 2 2008

Vilnius / Kaunas June 21st and 22nd 2009
On these concerts the choir will be seated when not singing!

Weekend seminar in Karlstad, Sweden – 21st to 23rd of January 2009
Application by e-mail, – phone. + 47 33 42 60 60 or in a letter
Within December 20th 2008

Nr. 02-08

Vilnius – the European city of culture 2009,
Lithuania -1000 years’ celebration.
Turkey – Australia

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World Festival Choir, p. 2018 N-3202 Sandefjord, Norway
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We are now all back from our Russian Tour. It was a nice tri. It was especially nice that so many Australian and New Zealand singers joined these concerts. It has been a long time since that many from “down under” joined a concert. Thank you Judy for all help! We had a huge job planning these concerts, for instance to get visa and visa invitation for everybody. Everything settled before we left for Russia and no one were stopped at the boarder! When travelling in Russia you have to be patient! If you are, everything will settle at the end. We used Professional local tourist arrangers who new how things works. Without them it would have been difficult to deal with such a large group of people. As we understand, the singers who have contacted us, they were all very satisfied with the tour, especially with the 2 concerts. It was a pleasure to sit in the audience and listen to the concerts. The choir did a great job! The concert in Moscow was especially good where the soloists, the orchestra and the choir were at its best.
Below you will find the review in the paper, St. Petersburg Vedomosti from the concert in St. Petersburg on the 21st of September. It is written by Andrey Petropavlov. The concert of the Academic Symphony Orchestra of St. Petersburg Philharmonic, conducted by Alexander Dmitriev, the first one in a new season, cannot be called otherwise but phenomenal. The program featured Verdi’s Requiem, which has been performed in the Great Hall quite a few times. But we have never heard such Requiem before. First of all, the performance involved the colossal World Festival Choir (with the Norwegian, Jan Jensen as Artistic Director) with over 200 performers on the list (the number can be increased to nearly 3000 singers if necessary.) Secondly, unique soloists appeared – such as Veronica Djioeva, Elena Maximova, Ahmed Agadi and Nikolai Didenko. Every time I happened to listen to the Requiem before, the ensemble of soloists was always the stumbling block that prevented me from plunging into Verdi’s great music entirely. But this time al the soloists were up to the mark. They could be heard well even in the most instrument-laden episodes, they pronounced the Latin text clearly and audibly (and the chorus did the same, with their excellent articulation), although they could have disregarded it as well. (Who understand Latin nowadays?) The orchestra too, played extremely flexibly, displaying an ample scale of sound gradation. The audience appreciated the splendid performance, giving the performers and the conductor ten-minute tremendous ovation. If not for Dmitriev who finally led the orchestra off the stage, the applause would have continued on and on. When no one but the chorus was left on stage (there was so many choristers that they could not retire to the backstage, but had to leave right to the lobby), they enjoyed a separate applause, extended and thankful.

The trip to Russia was, as expected a great experience.
After a lot of letters and mails changing names and birthdates and passport numbers, the visas worked perfectly and no one were stopped at the border. Some Scandinavian singers got a breath-taking start of their trip with a cancelled flight and had to get new tickets. Another group of people had to stay on Copenhagen because their plane broke down. They arrived the day after within our 2nd rehearsal. Both our hotels in Russia were good with lots of possibilities to have a meal after rehearsals. We all know how difficult that can be, finding a place to eat for so many people late at night. Of course we would have hoped that the staff at the hotels hade more English knowledge, but by waiting patiently things were settled in the end. I believe transfer and sightseeing worked well too. Our guides were nice, skilled and well-informed.
In St. Petersburg, in special, many of us experienced the skills of the local pickpockets. Some of us managed to stop the thieves, but even more persons were robbed, especially in the subway. It is a frightful experience to know you are being robbed, but most of us noticed it after it was done. The police told us that the robbers new we were tourists because we were smiling!!!!! There was not much sickness amongst the singers this time. A doctor was called for in St. Petersburg. With some medicine the problem was solved. However in Moscow one of our tenors got very sick. He got problems with both his lungs and his heart. An ambulance was called for and he was sent to the American hospital where he got immediate help. His wife also got a room there and they came to Norway together with a doctor from the insurance company a week later. He is now well again and in a letter he sends a thank you to everyone who helped and supported him when he got ill. We will also use the opportunity to thank you all for helping us solving this stressful situation. A specially thank you to the doctors helping us. It is always good to know that we have a doctor in our group who will help at emergent situations. Thank you very much!
We are already starting application for our next project, 2 concerts in Lithuania. Attached you will find Application form for the concerts in Vilnius on the 21st of June and in Kaunas on the 22nd of June 2009. We will perform the Verdi Requiem here too. We will arrive on the 18th and will have time to see some of the city Vilnius in addition to the rehearsals. Kaunas is also a very nice city that we are looking forward to see again. We will, very soon send you a sightseeing offer too, to help you decide which alternative you wish to choose.
NB! THIS TIME THE SINGERS WILL BE ALLOWED TO BE SEATED WHEN NOT SINGING. The singers may sit on the stairs behind them on the stage. Application date for these concerts is December 20th.
We are arranging a Weekend seminar in Karlstad, Sweden in January 2009.
It will take place from the 23rd to the 25th of January 2009. These seminars are very informative and of course very popular.
You meet good friends again, do lots of singing and eat good food. The Hotel, Elite Stadshotellet in Karlstad is very nice.
If you are interested in attending this seminar, please contact us for Application within December 20th 2008. Hope to see you there!

Program Elite Stadshotellet in Karlstad

Friday 23rd
17.00 Arrival at the hotel
18.00 – 22.00 Rehearsal
22.15 Dinner

Saturday 24th
07.00 – 09.00 Breakfast
09.30 – 12.30 Rehearsal
12.45 – 13.45 Lunch
14.00 - 18.30 Rehearsal
21.00 Dinner

Sunday 25th
07.00 – 09.30 Breakfast
09.30 - 13.00 Rehearsal
13.15 Departure
Contact persons world wide
Stuart Wainwright,” Applegarth",4 Meadow Lane, LE67 4DL, Coalville Leicestershire,
Great Britain. E-Mail:

New Zealand
Lynda Hunter. 26 Orr Cres. NZ Lower Hutt, E-Mail:

Ursula Eichlinger, Nobelstr. 17, 85055 Ingolstadt Tel.: 0841/58888

Joan Lam, 1130 Via Paraiso, Salinas, CA 93901, USA, Phone/fax: 0831 7584197

Meredith Towan. 55 David street, VIC-3188, HAMPTON
Fax/phone: 03 95984283

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World Festival Choir, Phone no: +47 33426060
P. 2018 N-3202 Fax no: +47 33426061
Sandefjord, Norway E-mail:

Cancellation rules:

From WFC you can order cancellation insurance for travellers in case of illness before departure. This is valued for you, your wife/husband and children, in case of illness before departure.
WFC will keep: Participation fee, Membership fee, Course fee, Cancellation insurance fee and Deposit. Confirmation from a doctor is requested.

General cancellation rules.

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