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The Zemplen Musical Festival in Hungary 2010

Turkey 2011 - Australia 2012

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Hello everybody.
Now our summer holidays are at its end and the WFC office is working again.
We are planning our tour to Tokay, Hungary next year. The Zemplen Music Festival takes place in the Tokay wine district about 15 kilometres from the Slovakian boarder.
As you probably know, we did a concert in Vilnius, Lithuania in June this year. We were 172 singers from 13 countries included the 2 choirs from Latvia who were invited to participate at our concert.
On the application form, we said we were going to do 2 concert, one in Vilnius and one in Kaunas
Because of the financial crises, and reduction in contribution from Sponsors, the local arrangers did not manage to go trough with both concerts, and the concert in Kaunas was counselled. The local arrangers, actually wished to cancel both concerts, but after many meetings and persuasion from Jan, they agreed on a compromises and the concert went trough the way you experienced it in Vilnius.
But the concert was a success. Bothe the Orchestra, the soloists and last but most important the choir did a great job!
The huge hall was really filled up! Hours before the concert all seats were sold out, and the rest had to stand during the concert or sit on the stairs. It was a marvellous experience to see everyone pushing to get in and the hall filled up. Even though the locations were not as we were promised, it was a fantastic concert, and that is the most important for us, isn’t it?
The most interesting thing was to see all the young people listening listen to our concert.
The interest of classical music must be very big among the youth of the Baltic countries.
Participating at the concert in addition to WFC:
Orchestra: Lithuanian National Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductorr: Modestas Pitrenas
Soprao: Asta Krisciunait
Mezzot: Rita Novikaite
Tenor: Vaidas Vysniauskas
Bass: Magne Fremmerlid
The Aura choir and the Cats choir from Latvia.

After the concert we had a party with good food and nice atmosphere.
The young singers of the Latvian Choir Cats made a deep impression on us all by their performance singing Latvian folk songs. They enjoyed our party and singing with WFC and wish to do more concerts together with us. That would have been nice.
Last but not least, a big THANK YOU to our splendid, Norwegian bass, Magne Fremmerlid who did a MINI concert just for us. He was absolutely great!
As we understand, the singers were satisfied with the hotel in Vilnius, mostly because its location near beautiful “The old town”. You could easily walk to the centre of the Old Town in 10 minutes.
We will use this opportunity to thank all of you for all positive respond and for another pleasant choir trip!

Hungary 2010.
We are already offering you application for our next concert tour which goes to Tokay, the well known wine district in the northern part of Hungary.
We will participate at a music festival “The Zemplen Festival” in Sarospatak that take place from the 13th to the 22nd of August 2010. WFC is invited to participate with 150 singers. At the concert we will cooperate with the choir from Budapest that joined our concert in Budapest 2006.

Our concert will take place in the courtyard of the Rákóczi castle. A place surrounded by great buildings.
In case of rain, the concert will take place in the local huge church with over 1000 seats.

Zemplen and the Tokay wine region is situated in the most marvellous landscape with an unique atmosphere and will enchant visitors with its villages hiding behind the hills, castles, fortresses and churches. The Festival can tempt you with a colourful, high quality culture programme, a picturesque landscape, excellent gastronomy and most of all the finest wines of Tokay.
We are planning to meet in Budapest and book a bus to take us to Sarospatak The distance between Budapest and Sarospatak is 250 kilometres and takes 3-4 hours. Then we will get the opportunity to see this part of Hungary too.
The wine district is a group of small cities, so we will stay in relative small hotels.
In 2 of our Alternatives we offer you some days in a hotel in Budapest in before our trip to Sarospatak for those who wish to experience this beautiful city too. A few days in Budapest can be strongly recommended! We also offer you a “Festival Alternative” that gives you free entrance to other concerts from the 15th, the day after our concert to the 20th of August. You may enjoy many good concerts by choosing this Alternative. (Food, beverage and transport to these concerts is not included.)
Letters from our singers.
It is always sad to get a letter of resignations from a loyal singer. However, if the resignation is followed by a nice letter, we are very glad. Below you can read an extract of a letter from 2 loyal singers followed by a resignation caused by health problems.

We are sad to say we are no more able to attend the choir caused by health problems. Therefore we wish to thank you for all the fine choir experiences we were allowed to participate in, and for all the interesting tours we attended, all very well arranged. They have given us a lot of good memories to live on in the future.
It has been a joy being a member of WFC for 20 years.
Again we want to say thank you and wish WFC good luck with the splendid idea it is build on!

The Rákóczi castle.

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Cancellation insurance:

From WFC you can order cancellation insurance for travellers in case of illness before departure. This is valued for you, your wife/husband and children, in case of illness before departure.
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General cancellation rules.

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