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Newsletter 1-2010

No. 01- 2010

Hungary 2010 -”The Zemplen Festival, Sarospatak”
Verdi Requiem

RIGA 2011
The chamber choir AVE Sols choir festival

Turkey 2012

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Hello again.
Our Christmas holidays are over and we are working with details around our trip to Hungary in August. In Scandinavia we have lots of snow and it is extremely cold. We are so looking forward to springtime with warmer weather!
We have again started rehearsals to study Verdi Requiem for the concert in Zemplen, Hungary in August, but only in Scandinavia where the biggest group of singers comes from. We arranged a weekend seminar in Sweden in January. A group of about 50 singers from Norway, Sweden and Denmark meet in Karlstad, Sweden 15th to 17th of January in Scandic Winn hotel.
Our Norwegian Conductor, Jan Helge Trøen from the Norwegian Opera, was our instructor. He was very satisfied with the progress of the group. That is what we like to hear! He brought a very skilled pianist from Oslo. Her name is Amy Muller. She did a great job accompanying at the rehearsal.
We are also arranging a weekend seminar in Karlstad, Sweden 16th to 18th of April. We will stay at Scandic Winn Hotel this time too. There we will have the rehearsals, dinners and lunches too. This time Jan Helge Trøen has no time to do the rehearsals. However, we have hired the young conductor from Riga, Edgars Vitols who did the “warming up” of the choir before the concert in Vilnius. He is young, but very skilled and enthusiastic. He will bring his pianist, Mareta Beitika along. We are looking forward to meet him and work with him again. Changes are always exciting, we believe. We have still room for more participants if any of you wish to attend. In November 2009 we arranged rehearsals in Oslo and Stockholm. We are having a rehearsal again in Marsh in Oslo, but the planned rehearsal in Stockholm is cancelled. Those of you who are not able to attend any rehearsal or Weekend seminars have to rehearse hard and often before leaving for Hungary. Even if you performed Verdi Requiem often before you will forget the text and details very quickly if you are not rehearsing regularly.
The music has to be kept alive by repetition. We are all hoping that Mr. Gabor Hollerung who invited us to participate at this festival, will be satisfied with our performance at the concert, don’t we? I suppose you all remember the energetic conductor instructing the choir before the concert in Budapest 2006. The choir performing Verdi Requiem at the concert in Zemplen August 14th are mainly WFC singers, but young singers from Mr. Gabor Hollerung own choir in Budapest will also participate.
Singers from his choir participated at the concert in “The palace of Arts” in 2006 too.
In addition to that, 2 choirs from Riga, who participated at the concert in Vilnius, last year wish to come too. It would have been nice to see them again. They say they absolutely will perform Verdi Requiem again!

We are now working on a sightseeing program both in Budapest and in Sarospatak/Tokay region. Our mail reason to come to Sarospatak is to sing. Therefore we have to wait for the rehearsal plan to set the sightseeing program. As soon as it is finished, we will send you Application forms for sightseeing with information and costs. In Sarospatak we will stay in 5 different hotels. 4 small but cosy
Hotels and one more expensive, 3-4 star SPA Hotel. We have still a couple of rooms available at this hotel if anyone wants to make a late Application to participate. The small hotels are fully booked! We are all going together by bus from Budapest to Sarospatak on the 9th of August and back to Budapest on the 15th of August. That gives us opportunity to enjoy the party after the concert.

Tokay – Tokaji Wine.
A legend says that the beginning of producing The Tokay wine came from a coincidence.
A priest working for Count Ferenc Rakoczi II ordered the peasants to wait with the harvesting expecting an attack from the Turkish army in 1650.
Then when the harvesting was done, it was attacked by fungus.
To everyone’s surprise, the wine still tasted good.
The Tokay wine comes from the surroundings of the city Tokai. The
Tokaji wine comes from the more distance areas around the city of Tokay. In the year 1700, Count Ferenc Rakoczi II published extensive wine cultivating rules.
He was living in the castle where we, (WFC) will have our concert.
The Tokay/Tokaji wine became extremely popular and gave Count Ferenc Rakoczi II many good allies when the Hungarians planned to hunt the Turks out of the country. Amongst others, Louis XIV in Versailles. He was so enthusiastic about this wine, that he called it: A wine for kings – the king of wines.”
Another of his allies was Peter the great of Russia.

The Tokay district is 60 kilometres long and 30 kilometres wide. The whole wine district is located at the bottom of the Zemplen Mountains.


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