Nr. 01 - 1998

New concerts planned:

Soloconcert with Luciano Pavarotti (Opera) 98/99
Dalhalla, Rättvik Sverige (Verdi Requiem) 99
Concert with the 3 sopranos (Opera) 99/00/011
China (Opera) 99

The Messiah, November 1997

First of all, we should like to thank all who attended the Händels Messiah concerts in Oslo Spektrum and the Globe in Stockholm. All of the concerts were a great success, but those in Oslo were really something special. Two full houses - 15.000 people attended the concerts at the Spektrum in Oslo, which must be a record. The soloists at both concerts were excellent, but two were specially noteworthy, i.e. Hilary Summers and Peter Mattei. We are looking forward to more Messiah concerts.

New concerts being planned

In the near future we will be arranging concerts for The Three Sopranos. These three ladies have had immense success in many parts of the world. All three have won Luciano Pavarottis Song Competition and it is Tibor Rudas, agent for The Three Tenors, who is also behind this project.

The Three Sopranos are Kathleen Cassello, Kallen Esperian (who sang soprano in Verdi's Requiem with Luciano Pavarotti and World Festival Choir in Australia) and Cynthia Lawrence. Marco Armiliato, a Successful young Italian conductor.

This concert will be presented in Oslo Spektrum for the first time on 25. April 198. World Festival Choir will not take part in the concert, the reason being that there was not sufficient time for the three ladies to study a new repertoire - all three are engaged in different opera houses around the world. But I hope I can persuade you to come to the concert in Oslo Spektrum - the quality is excellent - in fact, it is the best I have seen, both as a concert and as first class entertainment.

Maybe you have heard of the lady who was asked her opinion of The Three Sopranos compared with The Three Tenors. She answered; "Who are The Three Tenors?".

We plan a Scandinavian concert tour with The Three Sopranos in 1999 - 2000 and 2001. Concerts are planned in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo, Copenhagen, Århus and Reykjavik. The music we are to sing will be chosen from our opera book.

China, June/July 1999

We are busy planning to hold two concerts in China in 1999 and are working hard on the arrangements. The final decision on whether this will be possible will be made in March. A concert is planned in Beijing close to the Gate of Heavenly Peace, and another concert in Shanghai
Dalhalla in July 1999

We had originally planned to arrange a concert in Dalhalla, Sweden in 1998, but for technical reasons this will not be possible. The manager of the Dalhalla Festival therefore wishes us to go there in 1999 to hold a concert and present Verdis Requiem
Luciano Pavarotti

We have been asked to hold a solo concert with Luciano Pavarotti. Naturally we are very interested, the only problem being that we have only a weekend - and typically, all- of the arenas in the Oslo district are engaged for that weekend. However, we are working on it and will revert as soon as we have more information on the subject.
Badeparken (The SpaPark) in Sandefjord 1998/1999

Sandefjord Council has asked us if we would like to hold a concert in the Bade-parken in Sandefjord, and of course we should very much like to do so! This would be very pleasant both for the people of Sandefjord, for all members of the choir- and for us in WFC administration. I have asked one of the Three sopranos to sing for us and she is willing to do so. A decision on this concert will be made during January 1998.
Course free of charge

The board of World Festival choir has discussed how we shall be able to recruit young singers. We feel that we have a great deal to offer singers around the world. There is no choir organisation which is able to offer its members as much as WFC - and that we are proud of - but in order to recruit new blood the board has made the following decisions:

All members between the ages of 15 and 25 years shall be given the course free of charge, and pay only half price for music and cassettes!

They shall pay only £ 10
(Ordinary price for course, music, cassettes is £ 130)

Membership fee for the first year is £ l0 Ordinary price = 35.

Persons of between 25 and 35 years are given the course without cost after taking a means test. They shall pay only £ 10.

Music, cassettes £18 and membership fee £ 35 to be paid in the usual manner.

We hope that this will motivate young people to apply for membership in the World Festival Choir. We also hope that you will be active in recruiting new members.

Payment to WFC

Payment forms will not be sent out from this office. All payments to be made through the account number given on this page, and within the given terms of payment.
Name and membership number

Please give your name and membership number with all correspondence to our office - both letters and faxes. This will facilitate our work and make it possible for us to reply more quickly.
Subscription 1998

The subscription for 1998 is the same as for last year £ 35.

Payments in England:
Midland Bank PLC
Account no: 911 85675

Payments in Germany:
Stadtsparkase München
BLZ 701 50000
Account no: 12-240636

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