Nr. 02 - 2011

Newsletter Nr. 2-2011

Cincinnati USA juli 2012
Taipei, Taiwan august 2013
Riga Latvia juni 2014


Summer is now almost over here in Norway, and we have started planning our next concert. First of all, we take this opportunity to thank everyone who came to Riga this summer to participate in our great concert there. It was both exciting and fun to sing to a brass band with double basses and timpani. 2 inspiring, but very different conductors did a good job of getting the choir, orchestra and soloists to sound great together. We were, once again very proud of WFC.
Riga is the city you can really enjoy staying in. Both hotels had a good standard and everyone was happy. Those who lived in the Hanza hotel had a small walk to get to the city centre, but they had the opportunity to daily check the major markets and market halls. That was exciting.

WFC in the choir festival in Riga, Latvia in June 2011!

WFC had this year been invited to joint the choir festival arranged by the Chamber Choir AVE SOL from Riga to do a joint concert in the Great Guild Hall in the evening of the 22nd of June.
After several years singing Verdi's Requiem, we should again perform excerpts from the Grand Opera Evening notebook, plus a work by Smetana called The Bartered Bride and the Polovtsian Dances from Prince Igor by Alexander Borodin, both in different Slavic languages.
In addition to 1 rehearsal in Oslo and in Stockholm in November 2010, WFC arranged 2 seminars in Karlstad, Sweden 14 - 16 January 1 - 3 April. Even if we had not sung the opera program for several years, some even not at all, we thought the results were pretty good.
Friday June 17th the first group of singers arrived in Riga and was lodged at the SAS Radisson SAS Hotel, Latvija and in Hanza hotel. The next day, the rest of the singers arrived and was lodged in the same hotels. Both hotels were very pleasant, but in different ways. For us who lived on the SAS hotel, the bars on the first floor were frequently used in the evening.
Although the weather, both Friday and Saturday morning was very varied, we visited most of the nice looking outdoor restaurants in the city. Otherwise, we walked the old town trough again and again. Last year we were a little disappointed with the party in Sarospatak in Hungary so Jan Jensen had promised us a great party this year and it certainly was great. It was unusual to have a party before the concert. On Saturday night we entered the taxi which drove us out of Riga to a great restaurant with the sounding name of the Lido.
Lido was a very nice and spacious restaurant with delicious food that still has the palate to run the water several months after we got home. In addition, there was dance music that suited most of us and many singers reduced their calorie intake from dinner by swinging on the dance floor. Although I could have wished me a little more singing from the singers in an evening like this, I am pretty much agree with the statements that this was "the best party ever".
Although the party had lasted to the early morning, we all appeared to the first rehearsal in Ave Sol hall. There we were greeted by the young conductor Ints and his co conductor Martins, who both were inspiring and outstanding choir conductors. Still, I think Ints captured the girl’s hearts with his charm and looks. Together with more than 100 young singers from the conductor's own choirs, the Grand Opera, and not least “Polovtsian dances” and “The Bartered Bride” very well rehearsed, and it is amazing what text statements one can get out of the songs that have a completely different language than you are used to. Aided by a brilliant reinforced brass band and the concert's soloists, soprano Evija Martin Zone, mezzo-soprano Leva Pars, tenor Viesturs Jansons and the Norwegian bass Magne Fremmerlid, it became a very good experience for more than 400 listeners in the audience.
Our stay in Riga was like other tours arranged by WFC, a great experience. The weather was varying from light clouds, some sun, severe hail, rain, floods and thunderstorms. In short, it was all kinds of weather. But the mood was on top all the time and I'm already looking forward to receive information about upcoming trips.
Choir greetings from Kjell Skas from Norway.


It has been requested by some singers that WFC should create a Notebook with easy songs to be used in social occasions like parties after concerts and seminars. We are already working on this booklet. If you have a song you want to include in this booklet, please send notes and text to .Then maybe your song will be included in the booklet. When the song booklet is completed, it will be sent by e-mail to all singers who have given us their e-mail address. Others can get the booklet given at a seminars / rehearsals by giving us a notice in advance.


However now it is time to look ahead to new projects. As you know we are planning a trip to the USA in the summer of 2012. There we have a new repertoire. Unfortunately we have not received the music yet, but we will have it soon. We will start with a seminar in Karlstad, Sweden in November. In addition to that we will arrange a seminar in January and one in April. If you are planning to come to Cincinnati, you would get good help at these seminars to learn the repertoire. If you cannot come to Karlstad, that is understandable, you will get the music by post or e-mail, and you have to do the rehearsals by yourselves. No CDs this time.

Choir seminar
Scandic Winn Hotel, Norra Strandgatan, Karlstad, Sweden.
November 4. – 6. - 2011.

Price for the seminar: Euro 200. Single + Euro 80
Please send your application to:
e-mail: wfc@wfc.noBy mail to: WFC, PO Box 2018, 3202 Sandefjord, Norway.
Fax: +47 33 42 60 61
Full payment by application.
Date of application September 15th 2011.

Friday, 4th Saturday, 5th Sunday, 6th
17.00 Arrival 07.00 Breakfast 07.00 Breakfast
18.00 Rehearsal 09.30 Rehearsal 09.30 Rehearsal
21.30 Dinner 13.00 Lunch 13.15 Departure
14.30 Rehearsal
20.00 Dinner

Cincinnati - World Choir Games, July 4. to 14. 2012.

This is Olympic Games in Choral music. An estimated 20,000 participants and several tens of thousands of visitors from 70 countries will meet in Cincinnati in the United States for the World Choir Games, the largest and most prestigious choir competition in the world. To start the competition, thousands of singers from around the world will parade through the streets of Cincinnati USA in a festive opening ceremony. Then the choirs will perform for 10 days, in competitions that range from barbershop, jazz, gospel to pop, and it will be awarded gold, silver and bronze medals. The assessment will be made by an impartial international jury. Visitors can enjoy hundreds of free public performances in the city's streets public places and parks, and the final "Closing Ceremony" that WFC is invited to participate in. We plan to stay 5 days in Cincinnati with departure to New York on the 15th after "Closing Ceremony” on the 14th. We calculate on staying in New York 4-7 days before returning home. We are also offering a short trip of only 5 nights in Cincinnati. No trip to New York. We hope many of you find this trip interesting and decide to join WFC in the United States.
Contact persons world wide
Stuart Wainwright,” Applegarth", 4 Meadow Lane, LE67 4DL, Coalville Leicestershire,
Great Britain. E-Mail:
New Zealand
Lynda Hunter. 26 Orr Crescent, Lower Hutt 5011, NZ, E-Mail:
Ursula Eichlinger, Nobelstr. 17, 85055 Ingolstadt Tel.: 0841/58888
Joan Lam 8545 Carmel Valley Road, Carmel, CA 93923
Phone: 831-626-4892 Email:
Meredith EAST. Unit 158 Alfred Bradshaw Circuit,
Richfield Retirement Village, 317 Wells Road, Aspendale Gardens, Vic, 3195,
Australia. Fax/phone: (03) 8588 1858, e-mail:
Account no:
Germany: Stadtsparekasse, München, BLZ 701 50000 Account no: 12-240636
IBAN: DE68 7015 0000 0012 2406 36

We prefer payment to our Euro account in Norway.
Bank information:

World Festival Choir. P. o. Box 2018 N-3202 Sandefjord, Norway
Bank: DNB NOR Bank ASA, 0021 Oslo, Norway
IBAN: NO67 12506084286 / BIC: DNBANOKK

Please do not send any cheque to WFC!
Cancellation insurance:
From WFC you can order cancellation insurance for travellers in case of illness before departure. This is valued for you, your wife/husband and children, in case of illness before departure.
WFC will not pay back: Participation fee, Membership fee, Course fee, Cancellation insurance fee and Deposit. Confirmation from a doctor is requested.
General cancellation rules.
WFC will keep: Participation fee, Membership fee, Course fee, and Deposit
40 days before departure WFC keeps 100% of the price of the journey.
80 days before departure WFC keeps 75% of the price of the journey.
120 days before departure WFC keep 50% of the price of the journey

WFC OFFICE HOURS Tuesdays and Thursday 09.00-13.00 local times

World Festival Choir, Phone no: +47 33426060
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