Nr. 02 - 1998

Luciano Pavarotti in Vigelandsparken 26. June 1999.

It is incredible! Next year Luciano Pavarotti will be singing for us in the Vigeland Park in Oslo, and the stage will be no less than the stairway leading up to Norway's national symbol, the Monolith. Never before has a concert been held in the Vigeland Park. This is the very first time, and if we are to believe the owners of the park, it will also be the last time a concert will be held there. The stage will face west and the audience will sit in the amphitheatre against the Wheel. Here there will be 12,000 chairs and the entire park will be fenced off. We can, if we wish, have more than 1,000 singers in the choir. This concert is arranged in collaboration with The Norwegian Opera, which will participate with an orchestra of 82 musicians.

So far, the sponsors/collaborators for the concert are AUDI, the newspaper DAGBLADET, the magazine SE & HØR (See and Hear), and NRK p1 (Norwegian Broadcasting).

Now you have the opportunity to sing with Pavarotti in the Vigeland Park. We shall sing the music from the Grand Opera book. This will go well with the repertoar which is to be sung by Luciano Pavarotti. Consequently, this is a solo concert with Luciano Pavarotti, (O Sole Mio etc). There is a special application form for this concert.

As you can see from the plan for the tour to China, some of the departures for China take place on Sunday 29th June, the day following the concert in the Vigeland Park. We can combine this with the trip to China. For those of you who are going to China we want you to either leave from Oslo and return to Oslo, and from there return home, or we will send you with an early flight on the Sunday morning back to your main airport from which you can travel to China. We shall revert to this matter, but the reason for mentioning it now is to let you understand that you can participate in both events.

The office situation at WFC

Since Unni left there have been changes in the office staff. Today, apart from myself (Jan Jensen), we have a part-time assistant to take care of the applications etc. This arrangement was satisfactory until the autumn, since when activity has increased considerably. A month ago WFC advertized for new recruits - a project leader and a part-time assistant. There were 60 applicants, one of whom will be appointed as soon as possible. We hope this will help increase our service to our singers by sending more information.

China - Summer 1999

At present, Jan Jensen is on a planning trip in China. He is to meet those who are arranging the concert in Beijing, discuss the programme with the conductor, choose the hotels and take the train from Beijing to Shanghai. What is happening now is more detailed planning of the tour. Jan Jensen ought to have been there long ago, but because of all of the problems caused by the floods etc., his trip was postponed several times. The areas we are to visit are no longer flooded, but the local organizers have been holding many concerts for the victims of the floods.
There has been an unbelievable number of applications for the extended tour of 4 days. Today we have received applications from approx. 500 singers from Europe and more applications are arriving from :
Japan, New Zealand, Australia and America.

Regarding the 4-day extended tour, several trips will be arranged beginning on different days. A survey on this will be drawn up at the beginning of 1999. All who have sent in an application form will be included in the tour to China, but not all have been able to reserve seats on the Beijing-Shanghai train, where there are only a limited number of seats. As we will all be travelling at approximately the same time, this will limit itself. We do not yet know who has and who has not reserved a seat, but if you sent in your applicaion promptly, there is a good chance that you will be on the train.

As I have already mentioned, our office staff will be increased considerably next month, when we will start to go through each application and send you a report on the tour. We have received a number of questions concerning the tour to China and you will find the answers to most of them in the recent newsletter and the information on China. Follow the payment plan shown in the information on the China tour then we will avoid having to send reminders/press for payment; this will save both time and money, and you will avoid the extra cost involved in delayed payment.

For those who wish for special arrangements, a longer journey, other hotels etc, special information will be sent out at the beginning of 1999.

We are looking forward to the China tour and to meeting all of you at rehearsals. "Am I registered and included in the tour to China?" you ask. If you have sent in your application form and paid the deposit, then you will be coming with us to China. We have never confirmed whether or not members are to be included in our tours. But in May 1999 we will send a survey over how much you have paid in to WFC, so you will see what you have paid for and what you will be taking part in.

New singers

We are constantly in need of new singers, so if you have any friends who would like to sing with Luciano Pavarotti in the Vigeland Park in Oslo, or come with us to sing in China, ask them to contact us for more information.


Internet is without doubt the new information medium - with Internet one can - in a few seconds - transfer information from place to another. However, there are many who have not yet access to Internet, therefore we will continue to send out information in the usual way.

This "page" will be kept constantly updated with both old and new information. We tested this in connection with the launching of the Luciano Pavarotti concert in the Vigeland Park. We can ascertain that after a very short time there were 500 people looking for information on our home page.

It is Jan Jensen's son, Kim Askild Jensen who is responsible for this internal page. Next year (1999) we plan to develop a programme into which each singer can enter his/her own page to find out :
what he/she has applied for
how much he/she has paid in
whether the membership fee has been paid
whether the member in question has been registered as participant of a course etc,

It will be possible to find this information by entering a code number. All members will be sent a card for electronic registration of rehearsals and concerts. On this card it will also be possible to put a photograph.

Those of you who have their own postal address are invited to report it to the WFC mailing list, then you will receive your information much quicker. Visitors are also invited to enter a message in our guest book.

Payment to WFC

No paying-in slips will be sent from oour office. All payments are to be made within the stipulated time limits to our account number which is shown on this page.

Number and name of members

Please state your name and membership number on all correspondance to our office.


We do not acknowledge having received either fees or enrollments. Should you have sent in an enrollment form or paid your fee, these will automatically be registered.

You will be sent information by newsletter. As the time approaches for the journey and the concert, you will be sent a survey over what you have paid and how much remains to be paid. Therefore you must not expect us to acknowledge payments for a concert tour such as that to China - it would mean having to send out 5,000 extra letters. Do not send payment by cheque. We can only receive payment made through a bank or post office.

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