Nr. 01 - 1999

Dear singers, conductors and pianists : Happy New Year!

A new and exiting year is waiting for us. All over the world our singers are rehearsing Grand opera and Beethovenīs Ode to joy ! We are very pleased to see that a lot of old singers as well as many new members are joining this years projects, welcome, all of you!
1999 will be a year with many big events, and the first is the concert with Luciano Pavarotti at the Olympic Stadium in Stockholm June 16. This concert is arranged by Tibor Rudas in collaboration with Jan Jensen and Nordic Artist AB. June 26, Pavarotti will perform in Vigelandsparken in Oslo. World Festival Choir will participate in both concerts with repertoire from the Grand Opera book. Our conductor know which parts we are going to do. The sale of tickets has been very good, and the concert in Oslo is almost sold out!

Those of you who still have not applied to participate in these concerts can do it now, before 31 January. We will meet in Stockholm in the evening June 14, and in Oslo June 24. You will get the exact time and place during the spring.


Everyone that has applied for China will get a place, and it is still possible to join if you send the application form before the 31st of January. During the spring everyone will get an oversight confirming what you have paid, and what is remained to pay. We ask you kindly to pay every rate in time. We do not want to send you a reminder, it takes time, and it makes it more expencive.

Jan has been in China twice, and you have probably read the travel letter (which you also can find on internet). Some of you have asked us questions, and here are some of the information you have asked for : China has its own and very special culture, different from what we are used to, but our travel agent, who is Chinese, says that the best thing to do, is to be open minded, and take the challenges when they come. The tempo is maybe a bit slower than we are used to, so we might have to bring some patience in our suitcase. Travelling from London, for those of you who are going to do that, takes approx. 10 hours. The day temperature in China in July is between 25 and 30 Celsius degrees. In the night the temperature is approx. 20 degrees. Some of you are worried about the air humidity, something that can lead to a sore throat, but the air in Beijing is not very humid. In Shanghai it is a bit humid, but not like it is further south in Asia, e.g. in Hong Kong and Singapore.

For relaxation and well - being we can tell you that there are many public swimming pools that we can use, and some of the big hotels have their own pools. You will find contacts for your hair dryers and shaving machines in almost any hotel. Smoking is not allowed in Public areas, but the limitations are not enforced, the Chinese smoke almost everywhere, so as long as you do the same as the local citizens, you should be ok. But however, in certain places, like The Forbidden City, it is totally forbidden to smoke, but then you will be informed about this. If you want some more information about China, we can recommend Lonely Planet's Traveller Guides, which gives a lot of information.

A last, and exciting thing that concerns China. Our hosts want us to perform a Chinese song, and we are going to do it, so start practising the pronunciation immediately Well, it is not going to be difficult, the text will be fully written phonetic, so that everyone can read it, and musically it is not very complicated.


We get new singers every week, which is very nice, and many of these have found our address on internet. Many of you contact us by email, and some of you have also visited our chat page . If you haven't , I will recommend it, it is an amazing possibility to talk to choir singers from all over the world. We will continually keep you updated with information on our web pages,, but we will, of course, continue to send out the newsletters and other written information.

We are about to start the process with developing a new computer system for WFC. This system will make it possible for every singer to get a code to your own page where you can keep yourself updated on what you have paid, and if you are registered on seminars and trips. If you have your own email address, please register it by visiting our web page. Kim Jensen, Jan's son, has made our web pages.

New people working for World Festival Choir

In our last newsletter we wrote about the office situation at WFC. We have now engaged a new secretary called Hildegunn, and a project manager called Beate. Hildegunn has been working with tourism and her job will, among other things, be to stay in touch with you singers and give you all the information you need. Beate has done her Masters in music at the university in Trondheim. She has been working as a teacher, choir conductor, director and producer for theatre and opera. She thinks that the job in WFC so far has been exciting and challenging, and she looks forward to the summer when the concerts will take place.

Future plans

We are working on new and exciting projects all the time, and the first to come up in the year 2000 might be concerts with Three Sopranos in February. We are also planning a project in Dalhalla in Sweden, which is an extraordinary outdoor concert arena. We are also working on developing our repertoire, so you have a lot of things to look forward to.

Hello, Australia, and the rest of the world!

After a period with little activity for World Festival Choir in Australia, we now face an enormous interest for our coming projects. Hundreds of singers have contacted us directly, or our contact persons in Australia, and we are happy to see that it is both a lot of old members as well as new singers.

Jan is coming to visit Australia in the beginning of February, and there will be meetings with singers in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sidney and Brisbane. We look forward to keep up the good work that has been done in Australia in the past, and welcome you all to participate in the concerts with Pavarotti and the tour to China. 1998.


We do not acknowledge having received either fees or enrollments. If you have sent your application and paid your fee, you will automatically be registered. You will be sent information by newsletter. As the time approaches for the journey and the concert, you will be informed what you have paid and how much remains to be paid. Therefore you must not expect us to acknowledge payments for a concert tour such as that to China, it would mean having to send out 5,000 extra letters. Do not send payment by check. We can only receive payment made through a bank or post office with account number.

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