Nr. 02 - 1999

Hello, everybody!

Spring is coming, finally also here in Sandefjord, and in a short time our concerts in Stockholm, Oslo and China will take place. We have only a few more rehearsals to go, and we would like to remind you of the importance of going to all of them. It is also very important that you yourself take the responsibility of really learning the music, so that you feel sure and comfortable while doing the concerts, concentrating, not only on your own voice, but on being a part of a choir, giving a performance of high standard.

A lot of things have happened since last Newsletter was sent out. Jan has been in Australia, and we are happy to tell you that we now have singers rehearsing in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. We want to welcome all of you, both singers, pianists, conductors and contact persons. We have also started rehearsals again in Iceland, and welcome to you too! Singers from all of these cities are participating in Stockholm, Oslo and China.

Our contact persons in all the cities are doing a very good job : Thank you! We look forward to see you in the summer. John Elwin, our contact person in England, says hello to everybody, and looks forward to sing with WFC again, together with both old and new singers.

We are sorry that there were some misprints in our last Newsletter, please forgive us, we are working on it, trying to improve little by little, and we are happy if you want to help us. In June our new data system will be ready, and we look forward to be able to give you even quicker and better service.

Oslo and Stockholm

We are receiving press reviews from all over the world about Pavarotti, and they are telling us that this remarkable artist is on top form, so we can really look forward to our concerts with him!

There has been an enormous interest for our concerts this summer, both from you, the singers, and from the audience. The concert in Oslo is almost sold out. 500 singers will participate in the concert in Vigelandsparken, and 300 in Stockholm, and that is the maximum we can take.

Dress code

Women are going to wear, as usual, a white blouse with long sleeves, and a long, black skirt. Women who sing tenor also have to wear a black jacket on top of the blouse. The men should wear black suites, white shirt and a black bowed tie.
Rehearsal schedules, Stockholm and Oslo

Stockholm :
Monday 14/6 : 1600 - 2200, choir, with piano
Tuesday 15/6 : 1000 - 1300, soloist, choir, orchestra
2100 - 2400, Dress Rehearsal
Wednesday 16/6 : 2000 Concert, the choir has to be there from 1800 hours

Oslo :
Thursday 24/6 : 1600 - 2200, choir, with piano
Friday 25/6 : 1000 - 1300, soloist, choir, orchestra
2100 - 2400, Dress Rehearsal, soloist, choir and orchestra
Saturday 26/6 : 2100 Concert, the choir has to be in the park at 1900 hours

In Stockholm we are staying at the Scandic Hotels. There will, of course, be a party after the concerts, both in Stockholm and in Oslo. The fee for The party in Oslo will be 70 DM, 30£, 40 US$ or 60 AUD$.

The party in Stockholm will be a big party by the Stadium where the concert takes place, for all of us who have participated in the concert, and the price is the same as for the party in Oslo. If you want to party, but have not written it on your application form, please let us know as soon as possible, if you want to participate.


There have been a few changes in the repertoire for the concerts. The conductors and the contact persons have got updated information, so ask them.


Shortly you will receive confirmation, telling you what you have paid, and how much there is left to pay.

Regarding your wishes about who you want to share room with, we have to remind you of that you have to be on the same travelling alternative to be able to do that.

Many of you have contacted us regarding vaccinations for the trip to China, and this is the information we have got for you concerning this matter :

Everybody should make sure that your diphtheria, tetanus and polio are up to date. You can contact your doctor, or your local clinic and ask if this is necessary for you. We strongly recommend that you also take a vaccination for Hepatitis A. You can also take a vaccination for Cholera, which is not necessary if you only are staying in big cities, but it can also help against food poisoning. It is not strictly necessary, but we recommend vaccination for malaria for those of you who are going on the post concert tour to Guilin and Xian.

Some of the vaccinations have to be taken a while before you are going on tour, so please contact your doctor for information about this. If you need to carry needles, or any other medical equipment, you should get a certificate that tells that you need it. We hope that the rehearsing of the Chinese song has been ok. Some of you have asked for a tape of this song, but we have not made a tape of it for the singers, because that would be too much work and too expensive just for one song.

Beethoven s 9th will be performed in the original language, which means German.

The conductor in China will be Yu Long, and The National Orchestra of China is playing in Beijing, while Shanghai Symphony Orchestra is playing in Shanghai. The soloists are :
Muo Hualun (tenor)
Yao Hong (soprano)
Liao Changyong (baritone)
Yang Jie (mezzo soprano)

More information about the trip to China will be sent to those of you who are going there in the beginning of June together with your travelling tickets.

We would like to remind you of

- everybody who wants to participate in one of our projects, or get information about what we are doing, has to be registered as a member of WFC, and pay the membership fee, which is 85 DM, 35£, 75AUD$, and 45US$.
- For children and students : 30DM, 12£, 25AUD$, and 15US$
- You have to tell us the name and membership number of persons you may want to share hotel room with. If the person not is a member of WFC, she or he has to be registered as one.
- If your payments are delayed, you may have to pay extra. - Payment for the projects this summer have to be registered before the 15th of May.
- Tickets and information will be sent to you when we have received all the payments.

Plans for the future

Autumn 1999 there will be new Opera seminars, probably including some new repertoire. The rehearsals start in the middle of September. We are planning many exciting projects, and now is the time to get some new members in WFC.

Spring 2000 we will do seminars including both the Verdi Requiem and Beethoven s 9th. We are also working with plans including a new piece of music, and we will get back to that later.

As we are writing this Newsletter, we have started to plan a Scandinavian Tour with The Three Sopranos , in February 2000, with opera repertoire. Next summer we are planning two concerts, one with the Verdi Requiem, and one with Beethoven s 9th.

We are also working on plans for concerts in Italy and New Zealand in 2001 and 2002.

Jan has been in London and New York, and had very positive meetings with Pavarotti, and his manager, and it looks as if more exciting projects are to come up. We are also planning concerts with other great artists, and will get back to you with more information about this as soon as we can tell you something about this.

Contact persons world wide

Great Britain: John Elwin, Phone (+44) 061 485 5686, fax: (+44) 01204 436025
Iceland: Hafdis Magnusdottir, +3545677667, E - mail:
New Zealand: John Knox, Phone/fax: +646445647215 Adelaide: Anne Miller Phone : +61 +61883792515, E - mail :
Sydney: Ken Fair Phone : +61 0295691894, E - mail:
Brisbane: Kerrel Casey Phone: +61 33664791, fax : +61 32599075, E mail :
Melbourne: Meredith Towan Phone: +61 395984283, fax: + 395839839
USA: Joan Lam Phone/fax: +831 7584197, E - mail:
Germany: Andrea Cobre Phone : +49 89336228, E - mail :
Japan: Takako Urabe, Phone/fax: +81 298417227, E - mail:

Account numbers

Great Britain: Midland bank PLC 40-05-18 Account numeber 911 85675
Germany: Stadtsparekasse München BLZ 701 50000 Account no: 12-240636
Australia/NZ: ANZ - BGL Account number 013-338 2586-79495
USA: P.O.Box 223247, Carmel CA 93922
Japan: Joyo Bank Kenkyu Gakuen Toshi Branch account 104-1317814

World Festival Choir:
Postboks 2018 N-3202 Sandefjord
Telefon: + 47 33464430
Fax: + 47 33461137

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