Nr. 03 - 1999

Hello, everybody!

Welcome to a new and exciting season with World festival Choir. New projects are coming up, and it is a great pleasure for us to present the future projects for you.

Stockholm, Oslo and China

But first of all we want to thank you all for the concerts we did this summer. The Grand Opera repertoire sounds good, and it is obvious that you know these songs that have been, and still will be part of our repertoire for many years, very well. There is one exception, and that is "Humming Chorus", which is beautiful song, but is doesn’t sound very good at these big, outdoor arenas, so we have decided not to use it at concerts outdoor again.

Beethoven’s 9th was a new and big challenge for us, and we were all wondering about how this would work out, and especially at the concert in Shanghai where you were going to perform without amplifying. It was with great pleasure we could conclude that this sounded great! The reviews in Chinese press have been very good, and the local arrangers was without doubt very pleased with you. They have already invited WFC to come back and do Mahler`s 8. But we will need some time to do a big project like that, so we will consider it and get back to it, which mean that there might be a trip to China again in a few years time, and this time without group visa. And there will also be some time before we sing any Chinese songs again, it was hard work, but we got there, and even our Chinese conductor , Yu Long, was quit happy in the end. Many of you have been asking for video from the concerts in Stockholm and Beijing. We are working on getting a video from Beijing, and will get back to you as soon as we know something more, but we will not be able to get anything from Stockholm.


It is strange to look back on what happened in Vigelandsparken. We were 7 people who had been working on this project for over a year, and the last weeks, hundreds of people were involved, working day and night. This was going to be the biggest and greatest classical event in Norway ever. And it was, if you look at the arena, and the whole "setting". Everything was perfect, the stage, the seats, the party area with big screen, The Norwegian National Opera’s Orchestra, the choir and the atmosphere. But then it happened, what no one thought would happen, Luciano Pavarotti got a sore throat and couldn’t sing through with the concert as we expected him to.

Many people got very disappointed, but most people in the audience understood that even the world greatest tenor can get sick, and they felt very sorry for him.

The musical level in WFC

The choir has done well on all the concerts, and we in the administration are very happy about that. But we also see the potential for the choir to be even better, and we will work on that this season. It hasn’t only been nice to listen to you this summer, it has been nice to be with you and to get to know some of you a little better. It is nice to get to know both new and old members, and you’re in a good mood most of the time and take the challenges that come, both musically and practically. You have given us who are working for WFC a lot of positive feedback which is very useful. You have also given us some critic for the things that were not so positive, which is also very useful because we can learn from it and do it better next time.

Age and Audition

The rules in say that when you’re 55 (women), and 60 (men) your local choir conductor can call you for an audition. We will do this during this season in all our groups. And added to a good voice, you need a good health, especially if you want to go on trips like the one to China. Those of us working for WFC in China got a lot of extra work with people who couldn’t take care of themselves, and we are not supposed do this, and we ca not let it happen again. But we got a lot of help from some of you singers, and we couldn’t have done it without you, thank you very much.

Future plans

Beethoven’s 9th is now going to be part of our regular repertoire, and the next performance will be in Dalhalla in Rättvik in Sweden in June next year. Dalhalla is a fantastic outdoor arena. It used to be a stone quarry, but has been used for concerts for several years. The opera singer Margareta Dellefors is artistic leader for the place.

In February next year we are planning a tour in Scandinavia with "The three sopranos" in Oslo, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Trondheim, and maybe a couple of other places. We will probably need a choir of 200 singers for each concert, and it will be possible to participate in one or several concerts. The repertoire will be from the Grand Opera book, and maybe some new opera repertoire. We will get back with more information and participation forms in a short time. We will continue with rehearsals in the same cities as last year, if there are enough singers participating in the rehearsals and projects.

Changes in the Administration

Things are changing. Beate, who has been working as a Project Manager for almost a year, are leaving the 1st of October. During this last year she has been commuting between Sandefjord and Trondheim, where her family lives. The plan was to get the family down south after a while, but when that failed, she has chosen to head back north. The coming year she is going to work as a festival secretary for the European Music Youth festival whih will take place in Trondheim next year. Beate thinks that working for WFC has been a great challenge and a valuable experience, and she would like to stay in touch with WFC, and maybe join a project in the future.

WfC thinks that it is sad that Beate are moving back to Trondheim, but we understand that she has to make her priorities concerning her family. Beate got a good grip on the work for WFC, and we were looking forward to work together the coming years. We like to thank her for the year she has been with us, and that we see her again another time. Hildegunn will now be your contact person at the office.

Special offer to young singers

Everybody who are between 15 and 25 years old can get a free seminar, but they have to pay 15US$ 10£ 20AU$ 25Dmark. for the music and the tapes. The membership fee the first year will be 15US$ 10£ 20AU$ 25Dmark.

People who are between 25 and 35 years old can also get a free seminar, but this will be considered individually. They have to pay normal price for Music and tapes, which is 25US$ 18£ 40AU$ 40Dmark. And the membership fee is as usual 45US$ 35£ 70AU$ 85Dmark.

We hope that this can contribute to motivate young people to join WFC, and that those of you who allready are members can tell young people about the possibility.
Account numbers

Great Britain: Midland bank PLC 40-05-18 Account numeber 911 85675
Germany: Stadtsparekasse München BLZ 701 50000 Account no: 12-240636
Australia/NZ: ANZ - BGL Account number 013-338 2586-79495
USA: P.O.Box 223247, Carmel CA 93922
Japan: Joyo Bank Kenkyu Gakuen Toshi Branch account 104-1317814

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