Nr. 02 - 2000

Hello all singers of WFC.

You had to wait for a long time to hear from us this time, but here we
are. We finished the season in June with a marvellous concert in
Dalhalla. The concert arena had great acoustics and was placed in
fantastic surroundings.
To participate in the local Midsummer celebration was successful to. We
had some rainy weather, but even the sun came out during the concert.
This concert we wish to do again.

A quotation of a letter from on of the singers who was there: "You did
it again!! You have given many people an unforgettable experience by
finding the most beautiful places on earth. One more time it has been
shown that music can give enormous joy."


Our web site has been out of order during the summer. This is because we
have made a new layout on our pages, and made a new page for Sandefjord
Jentekor that is also member of World Festival Choir. We hope you will
like the new pages, and that you will find it easy to find the
information you need. We wish you to write to the office to apply for a
pass word, then next time we make a concert, you can apply for this on
the Internett. You will also be able to see how much you have paid, and
how much you still have to pay.

The office

Trine started to work for WFC in March. Some of you met her in
Dalhalla. I hope you too experienced her as a helpful lady with lots of
humour. She is now sharing the job with Hildegunn.


Dalhalla 2001-Denmark 2001-Portugal 2002-New Zealand 2004-China 2004 You
will receive participation form later. Repertoire has still not been
set. We will let you know later.

Letter from the Choir representative

Hello! Here are finally some words from the Choir representative in the
board of WFC.
My name is Ulla Stina Ryking, member of WFC since 1986 and contact
person in Stockholm.(500-700 singers) since 1988. Membership in WFC has
given me lots of good adventure. Of course it cost some money, but so
does other recreation activities and as I see it, it is worth the money,
and it is my own choice to decide to participate in a concert. This
year’s concert in Dalhalla e.g. was a very nice experience.

I am now, for the 2nd year the choir representative of the board .As
contact person for one of the largest groups of WFC, I get of course in
touch with a larger amount of singers, but now I want to get in touch
with you too. Of the many questions I get, I think it would be necessary
to give the singers some historical information about WFC. It is now 13
years since WFC, like it is today, was started. In autumn of 1986, all
choirs that had participated in the opening of the European Music Year
in Scandinavium in Gothenburg where 3000 singers performed Händels
Messiah, was contacted. Under the slogan Travel and Sing, the members
of these choirs was invited to participate in Scandinavian Festival
Choir. The name World Festival Choir came later when singers from other
parts of the world became members.

World Festival Choir is a non-profit organisation that aims to perform
extensive choir music in large arenas in different places in the world,
together with well-known conductors and soloists.
Jan Jensen and Bjørn Simensen started the choir. They are both
Norwegians. World Festival Choir is therefore following Norwegian laws
that say that the board of WFC is in charge.
The leaders of WFC have to travel a lot to find new concert arenas, and
to talk to concert management, soloists, orchestras and conductors. When
the concert is actually decided there has been a long period of
travelling and lots of meetings. WFC get no contribution from the
government. The money for WFCs management, wages, rent, postal expenses,
telephone, travelled expenses an so on, comes from membership fee and
concert income. The course fee should cover rent for rehearsing room,
conductor, pianist, and also music and cassettes.
Participation fee shall cover extra costs for arranging that particular
concert.Who can become members?

There is no audition to start singing for WFC. Singers should be members
of local choir, so they know to read music and know which voice they
sing. To participate in a concert, new singers have to fulfil a course.
(Participate in 6-8 rehearsals, each time 6 hours). Old singer, who
has done the course before, has to participate in at lest 4-5
rehearsals. Members of the choir who are participating in a concert,
meat 2-3 days before the concert, to practice together and together with
soloist, orchestra and conductor.


According to the laws of WFC, the board shall contain an artistic and
managing director, which is Jan Jensen, chairman of the board, Svein
Egil Andresen, two board members, Niels Peter Jensen and Rune Andersson
and one representative of the singers, me Ulla Stina Ryking . The
representative of the singers is chosen among the contact persons in
Norway, Sweden and Denmark, the three countries with most members. The
board members are elected for at least two years, and must have been a
member of WFC for some time.
In every place WFC has rehearsals, we have a contact person that is the
local groups connection to the office in Sandefjord. They shall also
make participation list on every rehearsal.

Ulla Stina Ryking


Finally we got a copy of the concert in China. It has no good sound
quality, but it should be OK as a souvenir from China. If you want to
order one copy, please send £. 20,- DM 50,- to our local account.
Marked Video-China within 15.10.00. This price is set because, we have
to make Single copies to all. The price includes packing and postage.


You can still order a picture from the concert in Dalhalla by paying £.
20,-/DM 50,- to our local account. Marked Picture-Dalhalla. The price
includes packing and postage.

Contact persons world wide

Great Britain: John Elwin, Phone-(+44)061 485 5686. Fax-(+44)01204

Iceland: NB! We are searching a for new contact person in Iceland

New Zealand: Lynda Hunter, 26 Orr. Cres. Lower Hutt, New Zealand.

Australia: Meredith Towan, 55 David str, Vic 3188, Hampton ,
Fax/phone(+61) 3 9583 9839 /(+61) 3 959 84283

USA: Joan Lam: Phone/Fax: (+1) 831 758 4197 E-mail:

Germany: Andrea Cobre: (+49) 290 88127. E-mail:

Japan: Takako Urabe: Phone/Fax: + 81 298 417227, E-mail:
takako.urabe@am.pnu.comAccount number:

Great Britain: Midland bank PLC 40-05-18 Account no 911 85675

Germany: Stadtsparekasse München BLZ 701 50000 Account no: 12-240636

Australia/NZ: ANZ - BGL Account no 013-338 2586-79495

USA: P.O.Box 223247, Carmel CA 93922

* All payments to our account within the set date.

* The office will not send you any invoice before the last payment. Do
follow the paying schedule on the participation form.

* Please mark all your payment with your membership number and what
the payment is about.

* Please do not send us any checks.World Festival Choir:
Postal box 2018 N-3202 Sandefjord, NORWAY
Tlf. +47 33 42 60 60
fax +47 33 42 60 61
New phonenumber/faxnumber:

33 42 60 60

33 42 60 61

Office hours 10.00 - 14.00

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