Nr. 03 - 2000

Recruit a new member for WFC,

Please show the brochure of the tour to Lithuania to a friend. If you
manage to recruit one or more new members for wfc, you may win a trip to
Lithuania for free.

We are now at the end of year 2000, and new tasks are waiting for us.
WFC had a board meeting on 19.10.00 in Copenhagen. From that meeting I
can report that the board have many ideas on new concerts. And according
to the wishes on the questionnaires, we will start rehearsing Verdis
Requiem next year. The rehearsals will start in January 2001.
Concerts decided performed in 2001 are one or two concerts in Lithuania
/ Kaunas in August 2001. For those of you wishes, there is also a
possibility to visit Latvia/Riga too. As usual,we have made different
travel alternatives.

As I wrote in the coloured brochure, Latvia and Lithuania are " new"
countries for us to visit. Tourism to these countries is growing fast.
The reason for that is that people wants to see the culture as it is
today. These countries are in constant evolution, and it will, probably
take only few years before the cities are totally changed. Food and
other goods are still very cheep. We will give you more information on
things that you ought to buy there.

Negotiations about doing a mini tour in Portugal is still running. We
are planning concerts in Coimbra, Porto, Lisbon and Algarve.

Concert in Oslo 2001.
We are not doing a concert in Oslo in 2001. It will be held
NR. 3 2000

I will take the opportunity to say thank you to Ulla Stina for the job
she made with the questionnaires. To help the administration, she
received all questionnaires, and made the registrations. Thank you very
much, Ulla Stina.
At last, I will encourage those of you who have still not answered the
questionnaire, to do so. That way you will be able to influence the
running of WFC the way you wishes.

Hi Everyone
Thank you to all of you who have answered the Questionnaire. It would,
of course, have been better if even more singers had answered. I gave
the board the result of this questionnaire on October 19th. This is the
Totally 12,3 % of the members answered. 21.12 % from Sweden, 8,7% from
Denmark and 7,23 % from Norway. The foreign countries got the Newsletter
and the questionnaire too late to give any answers by October 19th. I
will give you these results later. In general, we got mostly positive
viewpoint on the running of WFC, and that we ought to run it the same
way in the future. It is clear that the great pieces of music are the
most popular. The amount of rehearsals seem to be Ok for most of the
singers. ("New singers" 6-8 rehears als, "Old singers" 4-6 rehearsals
before each new performance. Much more than half of the singers mean
information from WFC is satisfying. One comments that repeat it self is
that information arrives too seldom and too late. They also remind us
that not everyone has access to Internet. Best concerts was for many
members, Verona, Australia and China, but lots of singers answer that
concerts both far away and near by is equal interesting. The majority
means that concerts with rehearsals and journeys like it has been is OK.
They also wish to have sightseeing and party where there is room for
singing, performance from local groups, and dancing on every trip.
The majority means that there should be max. 1-2 concerts a year. That
because of the costs. WFC has got many proposals of concert halls/Places
and repertoire, and will take the proposals to consideration. >From the
board meeting I can report that it has been difficult to get any answers
from different concert management. One thing is clear, there will not be
any concert i Dalhalla in 2001 with WFC, maybe in 2002. We are still
working on our plans for Portugal 2002, and will therefor start
rehearsing Verdi Requiem now. The reason why we have not given you
information before, is because we have not got enough details earlier
Our ambition is to give you information on when and what to rehearse as
soon as possible, so WFC regret the delays this fall. We also discussed
the possibility to modernise participation register on rehearsals and
concerts, and we believe we can start testing new cards in Stockholm and
Oslo in spring of 2001. Kim Jensen has worked on our new web site, and
it is now working with the possibility to get direct information. The
members can also check, for instance how much they have paid, what
alternative they have chosen and so on.
You may also do application directly on our wed site
Just contact the office to give them your password, max 8 signs, and you
can open your own account. Hildegunn and Trine have been introduced to
the new system, and they will learn more to update the pages themselves.
Our intention is to update the page once a week, but that will take some
time to carry out.
At last I will encourage you to answer the questionnaire you got
earlier. In that way you may influence the running of this organisation
to you benefit. Keep singing. Best wishes Ulla - Stina Ryking

Membership fee
Membership fee will in 2001 be as before. What is new this year, is that
we have ordered new membership card (Data cards) and card readers for
registering singers on concerts and rehearsals. This will cost you £ 5
- DM 10 - US$ 5 - AUS$ 10 - NZD 10 for each member a year. That means
that membership cards and membership fee for 2001 will be £ 40 - DM 95 -
US$ 60 - AUS$ 85 - NZD 95.

Our ambitions are naturally to inform you about rehearsals and
repertoire in good time before the 1st rehearsal, but this time we did
not know what we were going to perform in Lithuania in August, and we
where not able to inform you earlier.
The board discussed the expenses around rehearsals. Local pianist /
conductors and rehearsing room costs the same when Singers are doing
Verdis Requiem for the first time or if they have done it many times
before. Rehearsing fee will be as earlier for new singers DM 295 - £
For singers who have done Verdis Requiem before, it will be a cost each
time you are starting rehearsing Verdis Requiem before a new concert
(3-6 rehearsals- £ 20 - DM 50 - US$ 20 - AUS$ 40 - NZD 50). This cost is
necessary to uphold the activity of rehearsals around the world.

Testing of membership cards.
On the board meeting we discussed this matter, and decided to test the
new membership cards on rehearsals in Stockholm and Oslo in spring of
2001. The cards have a magnet field on the backside, where information
about each singer is registered. We have also bought 2 card
readers that will register when you are participating on rehearsals and
concerts. Then our employees will not have to count all the coloured
labels on each rehearsal. This will also make it easier for you. You
only draw the card through the reader when you arrive and when you leave
the rehearsal.

Cancellation rules
>From WFC you can order cancellation insurance for a journey so you can
get back your expenses in case of sickness before departure except:
participation fee, membership fee and course fee. Deposit will not be
payed back. To make it work, we need a declaration from a doctor, and it
is only valid by sickness of yourself and your family living in your
house.(children and husband).

Cancellation rules by not using cancellation insurance.
40 days before departure wfc get100% of the costs of the journey 80
days before departure wfc get 75 % of the costs of the journey 120 days
before departure wfc get 50 % of the costs of the journey
more than 120 days before departure, you get all back except:
participation fee, membership fee and course fee. Deposit will not be
payed back.

Home Pages.
Our new home pages are now running with the possibility to get various
informations. The singers can also get information from their own
account. How much is paid, how much still to pay and so on. Just mail
your private password to the office, max. 8 signs, and it will be
working after 10 days.
We must still make alterations to make it work perfectly. Hildegunn and
Trine have been introduced to the new system, but they will need more
time to do the updating directly from the office twice a month as
planed. In the future we hope not to use outside consultant to do the

Contact persons world wide

Great Britain: John Elwin, Phone-(+44)061 485 5686. Fax-(+44)01204

Iceland: NB! We are searching a for new contact person in Iceland

New Zealand: Lynda Hunter, 26 Orr. Cres. Lower Hutt, New Zealand.

Australia: Meredith Towan, 55 David str, Vic 3188, Hampton ,
Fax/phone(+61) 3 9583 9839 /(+61) 3 959 84283

USA: Joan Lam: Phone/Fax: (+1) 831 758 4197 E-mail:

Germany: Andrea Cobre: (+49) 290 88127. E-mail:

Japan: Takako Urabe: Phone/Fax: + 81 298 417227, E-mail:

Account number:

Great Britain: Midland bank PLC 40-05-18 Account no 911 85675

Germany: Stadtsparekasse München BLZ 701 50000 Account no: 12-240636

Australia/NZ: ANZ - BGL Account no 013-338 2586-79495

USA: P.O.Box 223247, Carmel CA 93922

* All payments to our account within the set date.

* The office will not send you any invoice before the last payment. Do
follow the paying schedule on the participation form.

* Please mark all your payment with your membership number and what
the payment is about.

* Please do not send us any checks.

World Festival Choir:
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Tlf. +47 33 42 60 60
fax +47 33 42 60 61
Mew phonenumber/faxnumber:

33 42 60 60

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