Nr. 02 - 2001

NR. 2 2001Hello everybody.
We are now back after an exciting and pleasant stay in Kaunas. This
country is very special, and I believe everybody enjoyed the stay in
Lithuania. There are lots of things to see and experience. Our choir
representative, Ulla-Stina Ryking, will give you a resume from the trip
and the concert.

New Board member/contactpersons
Niels Peter Jensens engagement as a board member of WORLD FESTIVAL
CHOIR and as the contact person in Copenhagen, is now finished. The
board of WFC will use the opportunity to thank Niels Peter Jensen for
all his help and support through many years, and to wish him all the
best in the future.

The new member of the board is Charlotte Overballe, the contact person
in Århus.

John Elwin, has now retired from his task. as the contact person for the
English group. He has, for many years, done more then it was expected
from him, and we are very thankful.

At the end of November we are going to Prague to participate in a
competition singing christmas music. All participants has to rehears by
themselves until the Choir seminar in Karlstad, Sweden. That will take
place Friday
23/11-01 until Saturday 25/11-01.

Finally we managed to get a concert in Portugal. We are going to perform
in Coloseo di Porto. There will be 2 concerts performing Verdi Requiem
together with Porto symphony orchestra. Conductor, Marc Tardue. The
concerts will take place June 21st and the 22nd, 2002.
Enclosed you will find participation form with several alternatives, and
a brochure with more information. Hope you will find it so interesting
that you want to participate. We offer you many alternatives. You can
take the short stay, and only participate in the concert, or you can
combine the concert with holiday and choose a longer stay.
There are many things to se and experience in both Porto and Lisbon.
More info in the brochure. There is room for 300 singers on the stage.
If more singers apply, we have to divide the choir, but that will be
decided later.

Cancellation insurance
>From WFC you can order cancellation insurance.
This can be used for you and members of your family living in the same
house, in case of illness before departure. Confirmation from a doctor
is required.
You will not get back the deposite, membership fee, participation fee,
course fee and insurence fee.

General cancellation.
60 days before departure WFC keeps 100% of the price of the journey. 90
days before departure WFC keeps 75% of
the price of the journey. 120 days before departure WFC keeps 50% of the
price of the journey. You will not get back the deposite, membership
fee, participation fee, course fee and insurence fee.

Magnet cards
The new cards were tested in Kaunas. They worked very well once, and
failed the second time, but that was not the card fault, but the people
working with them.
The registration was done very fast and needed only small corrections.
We where able to see very fast, who was not on the rehearsal. In that
way we can find out if anyone is ill and need our help, something that
was necessary in China.
The cards will, undoubtedly, make the job easier for us, and you can do
the registration much quicker.
We will use the cards at rehearsals in Oslo and in Stockholm from now
on. Everyone has to bring their card to all WFC-arrangements.
If you loose your card you can get a new one. A new card costs £5 /

I am sad to say, but we have not given you enough information on
Internet until now. We will be better! We promise.
NB! Participation form is also to find on Internet, and you can do the
reservation for a journey directly there.

Sea Trek
The concert in Oslo concert hall, peforming The Sea Trek was cancelled.

Comment from the singer’s representative
Dear fellow singer.
I have now done the final sum up of the questionnaires from last winter.

21 % of you answered. The most answers we got from Swedish singers where
32 % of the singers answered.
19 % from Denmark and 13% from Norway.
The list from other countries is: Australia, England and Germany. The
answers say that we ought to continue like now. The big musical pieces
are the most popular. Long journeys combined with some concerts not so
far away, is a common answer.
Getting together at concerts and rehearsals is very important. Your
suggestion for changes is important for the future run of WFC, so please
contact us if you have new ideas. I want to thank you all for returning
the questionnaires.
To visit Kaunas was a very nice experience. We where 370 singers. We
where trained by a very inspiring conductor who through eager and big
gestures during the rehearsal tried to underline what he meant. That led
to, that his whole shirt and even his trousers where wet.
A very inspiring conductor who new for sure how to perform this work,
and he did not“ forget” the choir. He even gave the choir sign when to
stand and when to sit. When he did not give us the sign to stand during
the soloists part of “Libra me”, we thought he had forgotten us, but
that was not the case. The first part of this piece we sang sitting,
then he gave us the sign to stand up to sing the “Dies irae.” The
concert was performed very fast. It lasted for 1 hour and 20 minutes.
The stage was outdoor, in the garden of a convent and the Verdis Requiem
was performed for 3500 enthusiastic audience.
In the questionnaire we asked if you wanted more common singing at
parties and other social events on a journey. The answer was YES.
Therefor we have, with the help of contact persons in Norway (Oslo),
Denmark, England and Germany and myself chosen some songs from each
country. These songs where used for the first time at the party in
Kaunas. But I do not think many of you brought the music and
participated active with these songs. Me, for once, do not think it
worked very well, but I think we should give this idea, with the party
songs, another chance. Why don’t you contact me, and tell me what you
think about the party.
The Lithuanian countryside had many points of resemblance with the
landscape in the central parts of Sweden, so that was not very
interesting. On the other hand, we saw storks grazing, which is not a
usual sight at home. We did not se large numbers of livestock about,
and many fields was fallow. It has been said that this depends on the
uncertainty of which the fields belong to. We saw many beggars in the
centre of the city, especially outside the many churches. The food was
very good, home made food for a reasonable price, but the language was
totally incomprehensible for a novice like me, but we managed by using
hands, feet, gestures and a lot of good will.
Our next project is Prague that will be a new and exciting project where
we must compete with other choirs in a competition.
See you soon. In the meantime, sing beautifully!
Ulla Stina

Contact persons world wide

Great Britain: Stuart Wainwright, EGARTH", 4 MEADOW LANE, LE67 4DL,
COALVILLE LEICESTERSHIRE, Great Britain.Phone: 802218722 E-mail:

Ireland: David Maxwell 6, Fairview Green, Dublin 3, Irelan. Phone no.
+353 18339159, E-mail:

Iceland: NB! We are searching a for new contact person in Iceland
New Zealand: Lynda Hunter, 26 26 Orr Cres. NZ. Lower Hutt, New Zealand.

Australia: Meredith Towan, 55 David str, Vic 3188, Hampton ,
Fax/phone(+61) 3 9583 9839 /(+61) 3 959 84283

USA: Joan Lam: Phone/Fax: (+1) 831 758 4197

Germany: Andrea Cobre: (+49) 89 29088166.

Japan: Takako Urabe: Phone/Fax: + 81 298 417227, E-mail:

Account number:

Great Britain: HSBC Bank PLC 40-05-18 Account no 911 85675

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USA: P.O.Box 223247, Carmel CA 93922

* All payments to our account within the set date.

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follow the paying schedule on the participation form.

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the payment is about.

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