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Newsletter NR. 1 2002

Membership fee 2002.

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Händels Messias 2003

London Royal Alber Hall

Dirigent Charles Farncombe

I have been in contact with Charles Farncombe and the earlier leader of
Malcolm Sargent Festival Choir, Sylvia Darley. The want to invite WORLD
FESTIVAL CHOIR to perform Händel Messiah in London in autumn of 2003.

Imagine the reunion with Charles Farncombe as the conductor. He is now
83 years old and as active as ever. He is constantly travelling around
the world conducting orchestras and choirs

You will receive a participation form this fall.

The Choir competition in Prague.

The trip to Prague gave those of us who participated, many bright
memories. A small amount of singers showed up at Arlanda Airport
(Stockholm) in the early and grey November morning, and right away
laughter sounded in the terminal. In Copenhagen, several more singers
arrived from Denmark and Norway, and by arrival in Prague, we where
almost everyone there. Our friends from England and Germany had already
n Prague, Micaela our guide met with us, and helped us to find the
rehearsing room, concert halls and so on. We should have received more
information from the organiser earlier, but when we where there, things
functioned very well.
43 choirs with approximately 2000 singers were participating in this
competition. The choirs came from 15 countries, mostly from Europe.
Most of the choirs came from Czeckia, but 2 choirs came from South
There were children's choirs, youth choirs and mixed choirs that was
divided into groups for large choirs and small choirs. This was the 11th
competition, and the founder's name is Peter Eben gave a special reward
in his name. In addition to the competition, each choir had performances
in different places in the town, and there was a common singing for all
the choirs outdoors. When Silent Night was performed, the conductor
invited all singers to sing in their own language. It felt special to
stand in middle of a group where all singers were singing the same song
in different languages Yes, we get to experience a lot together with
Some of the choirs only got a report, then came bronze, silver and gold
medals, and of course Champion of the Competition that was given to a
choir from South Africa. Gold medal and the special EBEN reward were
given to Mölndal Kammarkör from Gothenburg. Moss Kammarkor got a silver
medal, and World Festival Choir got a bronze medal. That was very
exciting and unexpected. Other choirs meet and rehearse regularly while
we in WFC come from 7 different countries. We had our first common
rehearsal the evening before the competition. Most of us meet in
Karlstad for the one rehearsal we had this time. (1 1/2 day though)
Looking at these conditions a bronze medal for WFC is very good. The
jury assumed that WFC came from Norway and we where judged just like the
other choirs. The comments from the judges will be of great value for
WFC way to develop a good quality. The critic from the judge from
Holland is worth quoting.

The choir sing with zest. The potential of this choir is big, work on
intonation and resonant sound production, and there will be no stop in
your success.
WFCs strategy by having regularly rehearsal in all regions (Countries)
and common rehearsals 3 days before a concert is necessary. That
creates conditions to do a successful concert. In addition, each
singers have to do a lot of work rehearsing by themselves. Our
experiences from Prague strengthen this. We are now an "experience
richer", and we will use this experience to get better. I believe that I
speaks for everyone who participated in Prague that this was an
interesting and fun journey. Now we must concentrate on the concerts in
Portugal and the rehearsals towards that. Hope to see you in Porto. Ulla
Stina Ryking

Portugal June the 21st and 22nd-2002
Many countries will be represented on the concerts in Portugal like:
Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, England, Ireland, Switzerland, USA,
Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Yugoslavia. In total, 300 singers.
Rehearsals have been started in almost every region in Europe. In USA,
Australia and New Zealand, the groups are too small for WFC to arrange
rehearsals, so they have to do the rehearsing by themselves, or meet
with each other to joint rehearsals. Others are doing Verdis Requiem
with their local Choirs. That is, of course, of great help for them.
"Single singers" have to do rehearsals by themselves. Do use your
cassettes to help you. Before arriving in Porto you have to be well
prepared by knowing the text and the music. The conductor will not do
rehearsals with the CHOIR but give it the "the final touch".

Conductor - Marc Tardue
Soprano - Christine Weidinger
Mezzo - Annette Bod
Tenor - Justin Lavender
Basses - Pavel Kudinov

Sightseeing in Porno and Lisbon.
During the spring, you will receive offers of different sightseeing in
Porno and Lisbon.
The Internet pages.
Lots of singers are now using the WFC - Internet pages., and
many singers have got their own pass word to enter their own page. Get
your own password you too. Enter our web site and follow the
instructions to give us your password. BY using this service, you may at
all times, check that your payments, and travel alternatives are
correct. You can also apply for participation in a concert /travel via

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