Nr. 02 - 2002

Newsletter 2-2002

NR. 2 2002
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We are sending you this newsletter rather late this year, the reason is
that we have not got any respond from concerthalls to perform next year.
The time is harder to get people invest in concerts now, because of all
the troubles around the world


We have during the last 6 months tried to arrange a concert in London or
Dublin, but the competition and the cost are very high. We are still
working with Dublin so will send out an applicationform when we have
more information.


We are also trying to get involved in a Festival next summer. And for
this we will send you new information next year.

Airtransport in Portugal.

Some people are wondering why we did not bring you directly to Porto,
when they have their own airport.
We want to explian this. Just a few plains fly to Porto, so it was
difficult to get enough seats on the plains flying there .

We could ,perhaps get tickets but the price was too high.
WFC-Website and password

To get to log into WFC database, you have to send a password to our
office. (Max. 8 signs. Forinstance like: arie or 56341 or ar98ie)
When your password is registered, you may after a few days, log into our
web site, write your membership number and password,
press LOG IN and you will enter your own page.
There you may check if membership fee is paid, if your requests for a
concert are registered correctly or check how much you still owe for a
concert/journey. You may also check if a fulfilled course is registered,
and if address and phone no. Is correct. NB! You may NOT do correction
directly, but send e-mail to: and we will do the corrections
for you.

Once again, WFC have achieved something big. 2 concerts, 21st and 22nd
of June, 2 evenings with full houses in a beautiful, large concert hall
in Porto. This was a great experience together with a good, large
orchestra, a fantastic conductor and fine soloists. The choir did also
a great performance, but who would not, working together with a
conductor as inspiring as Marc Tardue. The problem with the Russian bas
and airline strikes was luckily solved at last. Njål Sparboe, was sporty
to jump on
the first available flight, and came directly to the 1st rehearsal. The
stay in Porto and Lisbon was great experience according to the singers
who attended. Luckily we experienced no big problems.
More about the stay in Portugal you can read in the letter from "The
singers representative"

I am the new "Singers representative" My name is Reidar Sørlie, Lurudvn.
32, 2020 Skedsmokorset, Norway Phone: 0047 63875079. I have been a
member of WFC since 1986.

Travelogue from Portugal

Our expectations were great as we arrived at Lisbon airport. The bus
from the airport to Porto lasted 4 hours, and some of us did find that
unnecessary knowing that Porto also have an international airport. Next
day we woke up a sunny day in a fantastic city. Porto is divided
into 2 parts by the river Duoro, and big bridges tie the city together.
Eiffel, who also constructed the Eiffel Tour in Paris, has constructed 2
of the bridges. Porto is the main town for the Port vine, and we visited
the biggest factory producing Port vine, Graham. We learned some about
the Port history, and got to taste some kinds of vine. That was, of
course, popular among our members After the concerts we did a bout
up the river Duoro. The weather was lovely, and we were served lots of
good food and vine. Boat trips are always popular that you could se on
all the happy faces. The midsummer celebration was something special
that we probably will never forget. There were fireworks that we have
never earlier experienced. Two barges floating on the river was the base
for firing up the fireworks. It started as a normal fire work, but
increased drastically, and at last the ground was shaking, and the
bridges were swinging back and forth. Some people got so frightened,
that they fainted, and was collected by an ambulance. This was a
fantastic event that those of us, who were there, will never forget.
They had another funny tradition celebrating midsummer night. Thousands
of people, young and old, carried plastic hammers that were used to hit
each other on the top of head, laughing and having lots of fun. There
were different explanations what this action symbolised, but the most
common opinion was to show friendship and tolerance.

Report from the concerts. There were 3200 persons in the audience both
evenings, and we made 2 fantastic concerts thank to a fabulous
conductor, the American Marc Tardue. He worked very hard with the choir,
and I believe he was rather satisfied with the result, and so was the
At the dress rehearsal, Jan arrived wearing a new tuxedo being rather
satisfied with his looks, and he got, of course, the applause he was
expecting. Jan had been celebrating his 50th birthday in June, so the
choir sang "Happy birthday.." to him too.

Singers are something else. That was proved at one o'clock in the night,
after the last concert.
20 singers wandering towards the hotel, suddenly found a restaurant open
all night. It appeared to be a place where
homeless people and junkies spend their evenings.
After a glass or two, Eli Karin and Sverre from Bergen started singing a
Norwegian folksong, and the rest of us filled in singing our voices,
tenors, bas and alto.
It sounded quite nice, actually, and I believe these poor people have
never before been entertained by woman in white blouses and black
skirts, and men wearing bow tie and tuxedos.
As the concerts were finished in Porto, we travelled to Lisbon where we
stayed for 5 days. For me, personally, this was a bit of a
disappointment while Porto had been such a special town that we all
loved. We had fine weather all the time, and we wish to thank WFC and
Portugal for a great trip.

Contact persons world wide
Great Britain: Stuart Wainwright, " Applegart" 4 Meadow Lane, LE67 4DL
Coalville, Leicestershire, Great Britain. Phone no. 01530 815455

Ireland: David Maxwell 6, Fairview Green, Dublin 3, Irelan. Phone no.
+353 18339159, E-mail:

Iceland: NB! We are searching a for new contact person in Iceland

New Zealand: Lynda Hunter, 26 26 Orr Cres. NZ. Lower Hutt, New Zealand.

Australia: Meredith Towan, 55 David str, Vic 3188, Hampton ,
Fax/phone(+61) 3 9583 9839 /(+61) 3 959 84283

USA: Joan Lam: Phone/Fax: (+1) 831 758 4197

Germany: Andrea Cobre: (+49) 89 210961-11 fax 89 210961-20.

Japan: Takako Urabe: Phone/Fax: + 81 298 417227, E-mail:

Account number:

Great Britain: HSBC Bank PLC 40-05-18 Account no 911 85675

Germany: Stadtsparekasse München BLZ 701 50000 Account no: 12-240636

Australia/NZ: ANZ - BGL Account no 013-338 2586-79495

USA: P.O.Box 223247, Carmel CA 93922

* All payments to our account within the set date.

* The office will not send you any invoice before the last payment. Do
follow the paying schedule on the participation form.

* Please mark all your payment with your membership number and what
the payment is about.

* Please do not send us any checks.World Festival Choir:
PO Box 2018 N-3202 Sandefjord
Phone. + 47 33 42 60 60
fax + 47 33 42 60 61
Membership fee

- $ 50

- £ 30

- AUD 90

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