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No: 2 2004

20 years 1984 - 2004

Niagara Falls
White dessert Concert, Egypt
At the Pyramids.
Contact persons world wide
Stuart Wainwright,” Applegarth",4 Meadow Lane, LE67 4DL, Coalville Leichestershire,
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David Maxwell,6, Fairview Green, Dublin 3, Ireland
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New Zealand
Lynda Hunter. 26 Orr Cres. NZ Lower Hutt,E-mail:

Andrea Cobre, Herzogstr. 54 D-80803 München Phone no: 029088127

Joan Lam, 1130 Via Paraiso, Salinas, CA 93901, USA, Phone/fax: 0831 7584197

Meredith Towan. 55 David street, VIC-3188, HAMPTON
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Norway Internett:

Hi !
The summer has finally come to Norway, and it is WARM. We only want to go sunbathing and swimming, however, we have to go on working with new activities and rehearsals.
Even though many of our singers now know the Verdi Requiem so well and wish to do more concerts with this piece, we have to put it away for now.
Next year we are celebrating WFCs 20th anniversary. On our 1st concert in 1984, WFC performed Händle Messiah. The same piece will be performed on our anniversary concert in St. Petersburg Marsh 19th 2005.

We will start rehearsals all places we have enough singers to do a course.
PLEASE send your application form quickly.
Use the same form for course only.

Egypt letter from our contact persons from Copenhagen and Stockholm

The trip to Egypt
Was a great experience all from the beginning.
Arriving Cairo Airport to a nice summer temperature - lots of people and cars 24 hours a day. It’s a wonder we got enough sleep the time we stayed among 30 million people in Cairo. The traffic on 5-6 driving lines or more, where the cars drove insanely fast and close. Funny enough I did not see any accidents. Maybe that’s because they do not drink alcohol?
Arriving at the hotel there was a party of colours and music – a wedding was celebrated.
The hotel was situated at the river Nile, and what a view! It was easy to get around in Cairo. Situated outside the hotel, there were always one or several taxis, 24 hours an day. You agreed on the destination and taxi fair before entering the car, then you drove off – wild and crazy.
You could feel in the air the joy of meeting old friends from other countries. There were WFC singers all over. Only a few other guests stayed in the hotel. Even breakfast was made extra for our taste.
The WFC common transportation functioned almost perfectly. Enough buses of ok standard,
appeared in good time before departure and left almost at agreed time.
Alexandria was a great adventure – the whole city build along the 30 kilometre long coastline with a lot of fresh air. People were very friendly,. Children approached and said friendly” Welcome to Egypt. Where do you come from? What is your name?” To see the new and modern Bibliotheca Alexandria is alone a great cultural and historical experience. It also contained a beautiful concert hall where WFC did 2 concerts performing Verdi Requiem and Beethoven Fantasy for piano, choir and orchestra.
Conducted by Sherif Mohie Eldin and Ramzi Yassa on the piano,
You cannot avoid getting a feeling of all the culture and history of this country. You just do not have the time to see everything you wish.
However, on our common sightseeing we got to see a lot like.
In Alexandria:
• The impressing Quaitbay Kastel (Citadel of Quaibay)
• Alexandria National museum
• Montazah Palace, The presidents’ private castle, gardens and luxurious apartment on the beach.
In Cairo:
• The Egyptian Museum with mummies and treasures from the tomb of Tut Ankh Amuns
• The unforgettable Pyramids with the Sphinx.
• The exciting visit to the famous Bazaar and market Khan EL Khalili..

Thanks to WFC for yet another
Great adventure

Eleanor Bomholt.
Contact person in Copenhagen

Memories from Egypt
Almost 4 month has passed since our trip to Egypt and our concerts in Alexandria. It is with great joy I am looking at my own and good friend’s photos. It certainly was a memorable experience with both positive and negative moments.
I will mention the negative points first.
First of all, the Egyptians bad sense of logistics.
We were sent to a modern shopping centre (that was closed) instead of their famous market.
The location of lunch and dinner restaurant on the last day in Cairo lead to much, unnecessary driving back and forth, so the promised visit to the market had to be cancelled, at least for the group leaving the same night.
The hotel standard was certainly low too.
The fact is that to give WFC economy to go on, WFC need some profit from each concert to insert the organisation. Because the Library, who hired us, had no cash to pay WFC for the concerts, they decided where we should stay, partly on their costs. The difference became the WFC fee.

So on to the positive sides of the trip.
We were received at the hotel with local music and welcoming drink and especially service minded staff.
Both the country itself and the 2 cities had marvellous sights, and the people were friendly. The food was good and inexpensive, and using a taxi was inexpensive too.
Mr. Sharif was an inspiring conductor, and the orchestra did a good job at the concerts.
A rather unusual event was when the bas –soloist at the dress rehearsal demanded to be placed a different place on the stage. He protested by leaving the stage in anger, but in spite of all his protests, when the concerts began, he came to his given place. Another memory is the enormous security queue to get into the concert hall in front of Mrs. Mubaraks and friends concert. The security was complicated, and everyone, the conductor, soloists, members of the orchestra, with their instruments and the choir, had to use the same queue points. The result was an enormous cue. The security was enormous all over the city. Even armed soldiers on the roof tops watched all movements on the ground, especially around the concert hall/library
Finally, at the party after the concerts, both conductor, soloists, orchestra and choir participated, all night trough
Very nice!

We are looking forward to the next trip with WFC!
Greeting from Ulla Stina Ryking
Contact person in Stockholm

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This is valued for yourself and members of your family, (children and wife/husband) if you have to cancel the trip caused: Illness.
Confirmation from a doctor is requested.
Wfc will keep cancellation fee, participation fee, course fee membership fee and deposit.

Cancellation rules in general.

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80 days before departure WFC keeps 75% of the price of the journey.

120 days before departure WFC keeps 50% of the price of the journey.

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