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Newsletter 1 2012-English

Newsletter 1-2012

Taipei, Taiwan, 4. August 2013, Graz, Austria 19 July 2013.
Hello again. Now summer is on the wane, and the trip to Cincinnati / USA is history. It was a very successful trip. It was a good experience to be part of an event that was that well organized. The most impressive was to see how much the municipality and the community were involved. This is almost unknown in Scandinavian. It was invested large sums from sponsors, local government and thousands of volunteers lined up for it to be a successful event. The concert was also a great experience. I guess I could have liked a different layout of the choir and orchestra, where everyone came closer. But it worked. The repertoire was new and unfamiliar to us. The audience was very enthusiastic.
When we should travel to New York, there were some problems for some of the singers due to the storm and thunder. They got an extra night in Cincinnati. This was very unfortunate, but the weather, we have no control over. This delay made trouble for our scheduled sightseeing program and party. This we managed to fix by moving the various events to other days. We must thank the local organizers for this. When I asked about moving the bus tour to another day, the reaction was: "No problem sir." When I tried to change the day for the party, the reaction from the owner of the restaurant was: "No problem sir." Very impressive!
We had some nice days in New York. Very hot weather, lots of sun and torrential rain. Our hotel was located 5 minute walk from Times Square on Broadway. From what I've heard, the flight home went well for everyone. I want to thank all of you for a great trip to the United States. I Hope I'll see you in Austria, Taiwan or both places next year.

The WFC trip to the USA! World Choir Games! I probably did not understand how big this was before we got to Cincinnati. It all started in 2000 in Linz, Austria on the initiative of Gunter Titsch, President of Interultur. Every other year the contest is held in different countries around the world, after Austria came Korea, Germany, China (both 2006 o 2010), and Austria again, and this year, the 7th time. In the U.S.A. 15 000 singers from 64 different nations were received in an excellent manner in Cincinnati on the Ohio River. Everything was very well organized with many volunteers in place all over town. WFC's group, 43 persons, stayed at Millennium hotel, just opposite of the Duke Energy Convention Center, where we also had all the rehearsals, breakfast and lunch. The meals were a giant "apparatus" that worked very well. We got free water too. That was important, because the temperature remained at about 30-35 degrees Celsius. The outdoor pool at the hotel became an added plus! The rehearsals began on Thursday with conductor Gabor Hollerung, our friend from Budapest. We were an international choir of several hundred participants. And it was hard work with real domestic background music (recorded) to African Sanctus. Now we got a little idea of how it should be performed! On Friday we were invited to see the Diploma payout in U.S. Bank Arena, where on Saturday the concert would be held. It was a proud moment when Jan, as well as all the other leaders, was issued a certificate as proof of choirs participating in the World Choir Games. The next day it was time for The Closing Ceremony of the Arena. It all started with the U.S. national anthem, fanfare, flag parade, speeches by, among others, the mayor of Cincinnati surrender the "baton" to Riga, where the games will be held in 2014. Finally the Peace bell sounded and the extensive program began, which we participated as a small part. Cincinnati Pops Orchestra and May Festival Chorus, Artists from Opera, a wonderful Gospel Singers and a Tony Award winner presented their number before it finally was our turn. The atmosphere was at its peak and when we sang the International Medley, the audience stood up and sang along! It was a night to remember. The last day in Cincinnati, when we had checked out of the hotel, some of us took a bus ride across the river into Kentucky. There we attended the "Sausage Festival" on the beach. Then the thunder and rain started! During the day, we traveled in several groups to the airport for onward journey to New York, we thought. But already at the check-in desk was our group stopped. No-flight to NY due thunderstorm! However we were quickly rebooked to a flight early Monday morning. Hotel was organized well, Holiday Inn, near the airport. The group, who went ahead of us and was already checked in, was not that lucky. They were waiting at the "gate" for hours with no information, until late in the evening. They did not leave until late the next day. So they missed a full day in NY. Meantime, Jan was working intensively to rebook the rooms and move the sightseeing that was booked for the first day. Luckily, everything worked out for the best. And we really got to see the big city, both lengthwise and crosswise! We stayed at corner of Broadway and 32nd Street. The weather was a bit hot, at the most 40.5 degrees C, but I do not think anyone chose to sit in their air-conditioned room! We had a thunder/rainstorm in the middle of the week and then the temperature dropped a bit. I cannot mention everything we saw, but we went by bus, boat, subway and a few bold persons even went by helicopter. My childhood dream came true when I stood on the 102nd floor of the Empire State Building! Another memorable experience was the 1.6 km long promenade "The High Line" from the “Meatpacking District” to 34th Street, a quiet oasis in the middle of town, old converted railway carriage (with pieces of rails left) about 5m in the air. The newest of New York's attractions, I read the other day. The town has something for everyone and is, with a good map, fantastically easy to get around. Otherwise, Americans are outgoing and friendly, quick to help. I think we all experienced the many special things that we can remember now that the darkness is creeping up on us.
Very happy we were home again after 14 eventful days.

THANKS WFC. From Gudrun Katrineholm 2012-09-03

The New board member of WFC. It's amazing what I've experienced since I became a member of WFC in 1998. How many people have had experiences on stage in some of the most exotic cities in the world, along with some of the world's best orchestras, the world's best conductors and soloists? You and I are incredibly privileged.
World Festival Choir is a group of singers pleased to have been able to experience wonderful things together. We are amateurs, and that is the whole idea. We perform major choral works. These we perform to the satisfaction of ourselves, soloists, conductors and audiences. Let's continue with it for many, many years to come. But one thing is for sure. We all get older by the day and the need for young singers in the choir is large. Therefore I hope, as the newly elected board member of the WFC, everyone will be involved in making an effort to recruit new members to the choir. If for example, we talk with one or two people in our own local choirs and tell them about what we have experienced and what adventures we will have in the future, I am sure we will quickly be able to attract more singers to the choir. The board is also working actively to find ways to increase the number of members.
I've just been on my first board meeting in the choir, and I can assure you that we are working actively with many great destinations, both near and far. But remember: It's you and I who are the World Choir. All members' opinions are important to the Board in the, both negative as positive way. So I hope you will send me ideas of things we can improve, ideas for new experiences, and ideas on how to increase the number of young members. In short: if anything. I will, as members in the board, put together the ideas and bring them to the board. I appreciate your trust and will do my best to ensure that we all should have many good years with WFC.

Kjell Skas
We are planning two choir seminars before travelling to Austria and Taipei.
Scandic Winn hotell, Norra Strandgatan, Karlstad, Sweden
18.-20. January 2013 and 19.-21. April 2013
Costs: Euro 200 . Extra cost for single room Euro 82
Application to: e-mail: Post: WFC, PB 2018, 3202 Sandefjord, Norway fax: 33 42 60 61

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Austria / Taiwan 2013.
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