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No: 1 2005

New plans:
Rehearsals in the desert.
Concert by the Pyramids and in Alexandria
Olympic games –China 2008

Hi everybody
This year’s greatest adventure, WFCs concert in St. Petersburg, is now over
This was indeed, one of the greatest experiences in the history of WFc, no doubt about that.
The hotel was great and safe and it was nice that everyone could stay in the same hotel. Not even extreme skilled pickpockets managed to spoil the good atmosphere among the singers. Last, but not least, almost everyone staid in good health during the stay in St. Petersburg.

Rehearsals and the concert
Our conductor, Vladimir Dimitriev was both nice and positive to the skills of the choir, so some of our rehearsals were shortened, but nothing is better then that the conductor is satisfied with the choir.
He also expressed the wish to do more concerts with WFC. That’s nice.
And the concert was great! The choir is not used to be in the centre of the attention, but this time it was. The choir received standing ovations long time after soloists, conductor and the orchestra had left the stage.
This gave us a memory for life!

We have got the impression that everyone was satisfied with our Sightseeing program even if it was rather tight. The guides were professional and had enormous knowledge about St. Petersburg. They were very proud of their city and talked with enthusiasm of its treasures.
Some times the singers had trouble finding time to eat between sightseeing and rehearsals. This problem was solved by bringing a lunch bag or buying sandwiches on the street to eat in the Great Philharmonic Hall.
Some singer suggested that WFC should have a new slogan,
”Sing and get slim with WFC

Vesta Zabulioniene, Vladimir Dimitriev and Jan

Wonderful St. Petersburg
Before leaving we had great expectations going to St. Petersburg with good reasons.
In 2003 the city celebrated its 300 years celebration. In that occasion, most of the famous buildings were strictly restored to its former standard. Leningrad, that was the earlier name of the city, was the city of Peter the Great. The buildings in the historical centre of the city are listed on UNESCOs list of historical buildings worth saving. The city is nicely situated at the Neva shore and has many narrow channels. The Winter- palace has over 1000 rooms that contain more then 2 million art pieces of gold and famous paintings, of unspeakable value in its exhibition. The summer palace was almost as nice, but for me the Isacs Cathedral was most see worthy. I cannot express the feeling being there. It has to be experienced. The hotel where we all staid, had many bars and restaurants on the ground floor, were we all enjoyed nice free time and good meals.
Only one thing was negative. That was the many skilled pick pockets operating in the city. Many of us lost our money, but credit cards and cameras were popular too.
In spite of that, we got a good impression of St. Petersburg and the local people.
However, the concert in the Philharmonic”Palace” was the greatest. There, Sidsel Bogar Sørlie experienced that the world is very small. One of the Violinists in the Orchestra had a music professor who is married to a man from her home town Gol, and is living there. Letters were exchanged and everyone was happy. Finally I wish to thank Vesta for doing the rehearsals with the Oslo group in front of every concert and Jan for arranging the great 20-years anniversary party.
I wish all my singing friends a happy summer holiday. I am looking forward to the concert in Gävle. See you there.
Reidar Sørlie.
The singer’s representative in the board of WFC

The trip to Skt. Petersburg.
The trip to Skt. Petersburg was successful. No doubt about that. A beautiful snow covered city offering lots of cultural, musical and historical adventures. This must have been one of the best sightseeing programs we have been offered, with extreme skilled and well-informed guides. And of course, the great joy of meeting old friends from the entire world. The hotel was great, and it was nice that all singers could stay at the same hotel. The concert in the beautiful concert hall, Grand Philarmonic Hall, Shostakovic Hall was an exciting event. The space on the stage was limited and some singers had difficulties to see the conductor. However, the reception we got after the concert was unique. The soloists had 4 recalls. When the soloists and the orchestra had left the stage, the choir got standing ovations. We waved our hand to the audience and they waved their hands back. It was just marvellous!
Then we hurried back to the hotel where the 20 years anniversary party took place. The conductor, his wife and one of the female soloists participated at this party. Nice food, gifts and speeches was on the program, and no one will forget Reidars great voice singing Kalinka in the Russian language. Not the conductor, for sure. It was amusing. Most of us were leaving the next day and had to go to bed rather early. This was the end of another exciting concert trip arranged by WFC. I especially wish to say a great thank you to the organizers. Especially to Jan and Hildegunn for their efforts.
By arrival, we were warned by Jan about the lots of pick pockets working in the town. Some of us were robbed, but I want to tell a different story happening to some of us, too.
One evening, we were 5 Danish ladies having dinner in one of the restaurants at the hotel. We had a nice meal.We were drinking Russian Champagne too, and had lots of fun. Asking for the bill, 2 well dressed gentlemen came to our table, talked something to us in Russian that we did not understand and walked away. The head waiter came to our table and told us that this day was a very special day in Russia. It was called “The lady’s day”, where all ladies should be celebrated. In that occasion the two nice gentlemen had paid our bill before leaving the restaurant.
No strings attached.
Best wishes
Eleanor Bomholt,
Contact person in Copenhagen

WFCs next project is the concert in Gävle, Sweden on the 26th of November 2005. The 2nd - 20 years anniversary concert this year. Charles Farncombe will conduct. This will be a nice reunion for the singers and a great artist conducting Messiah on our 1. concert 20 years ago.
There will be rehearsals many places depending on the amount of singers applying for the course. Where there are no rehearsals, you have to do rehearse by yourselves or together with WFC friends. Even if you have been singing the Messiah many times before, you have to brush up the voice you are singing to be well prepared for the concert. Good luck!

NB! If you have forgotten to mark on the participation form that you
wish to attend the
anniversary party,
please contact
the office now!

See you all in Gävle!
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