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Newsletter 1 2007

Now is the time to pay membership fee 2007
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New plans:
Egypt – Eater 2007
Moscow/St. Petersburg

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Great Britain: HSBC Bank PLC 40-05-18 Account no 911 85675
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Contact persons world wide
Stuart Wainwright,” Applegarth",4 Meadow Lane, LE67 4DL, Coalville, Leicestershire
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David Maxwell,6, Fairview Green, Dublin 3, Ireland
Phone no. +353 18339159,

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Ursula Eichlinger, Nobelstr. 17, 85055 Ingolstadt Tel.: 0841/58888,

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World Festival Choir, Phone no: +47 33426060
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Norway Internett:

Cancellation rules:
From WFC you can order cancellation insurance for travellers in case of illness before departure.
This is valued for you, your wife/husband and children, in case of illness before departure.
WFC will keep:
Participation fee, Membership fee, Course fee, Cancellation insurance fee and Deposit
Confirmation from a doctor is requested.
General cancellation rules.
40 days before departure WFC keeps 100% of the price of the journey.
80 days before departure WFC keeps 75% of the price of the journey.
120 days before departure WFC keep 50% of the price of the journey

Happy new year everybody.
Hope you are all well.
As you probably know we went to Budapest in November to do a concert from the Opera book. We did a fabulous consert in The Palace of Arts, and the stay in Budapest was just marvellous.

We have earlier mentioned that we worked on a concert project in Barcelona. This concert is postponed for indefinite time, but 2009 is mentioned as a possibility. The local arranger informed us the 1st week of January that they had a very busy concert schedule and had come back to us at a later time. We have been looking forward to this concert, but we have always new projects in sight. Jan is in Russia this week to negotiate about concerts in Moscow and perhaps St. Petersburg. We are also working on two other projects, one in Turkey and one in Rumania. We are always looking for new interesting destinations and people to arrange concerts together with If you know of or have contact with anyone we can arrange concerts together with, please let us know. Many of you have connections to people in the music business, and we appreciate information and addresses for these people.

Budapest 2006.
The concert in Budapest is now past, and we have got a lot of good memories.
We were welcomed in Budapest with nice and warm weather even though it was at the end of November.
The hotel we stayed at, that should be our home the whole week was perfect. That means a lot. We experienced always smiling staff, nice clean rooms and last but not least very good food. The dining room was cosy and bright, and the breakfast buffet had something for every taste. To enter the concert hall was an adventure in itself. The Palace of arts with its concert hall- “The Béla Bartók National Concert Hall” was opened in 2005 and had all the latest technical equipments that we need to get the best sound. Everything was there to make the World Festival Choir Grand opera evening a success. The very same day we arrived the rehearsals started. The WFC singers meet with 2 student choirs from Budapest. To become acquainted with their conductor, Gabor Hollerung was another special experience that gave us a memory for life. He appeared to be both nice and inspiring. His rehearsals were never boring!!

The concert took place on Wednesday the 29th of November. That was the day all singers were looking forward to. This was the examination. Together with
Budapest Concert Orchestra with its conductor Gergely Kesselyák, the soprano Tünde Frankó, the mezzo soprano Ieva Prudnikovaité, the tenor Algirdas Janutas and the bas Tamás Busa we would show the audience the result of all the hard work and rehearsing.

The concert was an enormous success!!
We had all the feeling that the audience loved what they heard. Standing ovations was the proof of that. The conductor was very much responsible for the successful result. He was just marvellous, dynamic and full of life. He was for sure the right conductor for us. After the concert we went to Restaurant Kaltenberg for our usual Party where we were received by some helpful, smiling and singing waiters. A beautiful atmosphere and excellent food and wine made the evening perfect. Everyone was honoured for a “work” well done and we all sang a birthday song for Gun Bergman who celebrated her birthday together with us.

WFC arranged 2 sightseeing. The first was a 3 hour city tour through Budapest which is an exciting city with lots of places to visit. We visited both parts of the City, both Buda and Pest and we visited the Mathias Church and Fisherman’s Bastion. On the second tour we drove 30 kilometres north of Budapest to a small picturesque town called Szentendre. We had vinetasting in the “National vine Museum” We were told about the Hungarian vinemaking of both white and red wines. Then we walked to the Marzipan Café and a hasty visit in the Marzipan Museum. Finally I will say this was a magnificent trip. Everything worked as planned, and we think everyone was satisfied.

Egypt 2007
Our next project is to sing the
Mozart Requiem in Egypt during Easter this year. One concert i n the Opera in Alexandria and one concert in the Opera in Cairo. All of us participating on the WFC tour to Egypt in 2004 thought it was an exciting country and a rather foreign culture. We especially remember the standard of the hotel in Cairo! We have taken the consequences of this and demanded a much higher hotel standard.
Among the positive sides of this trip, except the fantastic concerts of course, were the reasonable prices of leather, watches, shoes and clothes. Especially inexpensive was to buy clothes sown by measure.
The local organizers asked for maximum 70 singers this time. Therefore there will only be arranged a few rehearsals. These will take place in the bigger Cities like Oslo and Trondheim. In addition to this we are arranging a weekend seminar in Norway this time, in a hotel near Oslo Airport, Gardermoen, from the 16th to the 18th of March. We have arranged choir seminars many times before, and they have always been very popular. The singers say they get both musical and social benefits from these weekends.

Send an e-mail or make a call to the WFC office if you wish to come.

Costs for seminar
2 nights in a double room in Gardermoen Hotel Bed & Breakfast
Seminar/teaching - conductor: Jan Helge Trřen
1 lunch
1 dinner
“Hot dog party” the 1st evening

Euro 175
Addition for a single room Euro 55

We have sent music and CD to those of you who have not done the course before. If you are going to Egypt, please do rehearse to be prepared for the concerts in April.
The Concerts will like in 2004 be performed together with
Ramzi Yassa Piano Sherif Mohie Eldin conductor

There will also be a party after the Concert in Alexandria, just like the last time we performed there.

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