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No: 2 2007

New plans:
Moscow/St. Petersburg
A concert and SPA in Lithuania

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Hello again.
The summer is already passing and the WFC office is running again. The big concert event of the spring 2007, Alexandria and Cairo, is over. The singers, who chose to go to Egypt with WFC, experienced 2 fantastic concerts. In addition to that they participated in some fabulous sightseeing and a nice party after the concert in Alexandria.
Everyone was very pleased with their stay in Egypt and the hotels were just fine.
Below you can read what one of the singers is writing about this trip and the concerts.
We wish to use this opportunity to say big thank you to our fantastic Contact persons around the world. You are doing a marvellous job. Without your help, running an organization like this would have been very difficult if not impossible. Our loyal conductors and pianists around the world deserve special thanks too.
The WFC Board.
The WFC Board has board meetings in different places in Scandinavia 2-3 times a year, mostly in connection with a concert or a choir seminar.
Board members are.
Mr. Svein Egil Andresen, Mr. Rune Andersson, Mr. Jan Jensen, Mrs. Eleanor Bomholt ,
Mrs. Ulla Ungermark.
That means we have 40% women in the board, which is the percentage demanded by the Norwegian government. Not bad!

World Festival Choir’s 2nd tour to Egypt
Going to Egypt for the second time was an exciting adventure, but also very different from our first trip 3 years ago. After arriving at Cairo Airport we were transported 3 hours by bus directly to Alexandria, where we checked into the noble, old Cecil hotel, where both Winston Churchill and Ernest Hemingway have stayed. This time we were able to share the restaurant and the breakfast room with Her Majesty Princess Victoria of Sweden, who also spoke to some of us. I remember Alexandria as a beautiful city built along the 30 kilometres long coastline, with a lot of sunshine and warmth, but my first impression of the city this time was not so good. There was a cold wind that lasted for many days. However, the people were friendly and asked”: Where do you come from?” It was an advantage that the location of the hotel was in the centre of the city so we could walk to and from the rehearsals, if we wanted.
Bibliotheca Alexandria is celebrating its 5th anniversary this year, is impressing and ultramodern and a cultural and historical adventure in itself. One part of Bibliotheca Alexandria is the beautiful Concert Hall where we did a concert of Mozart’s Requiem, conducted by Mr. Sherif Mohie El-Din. It was nice to meet Mr. El-Din and his wife, the soprano soloist Neveen Allouba, again to brush up our memories from WFC´s visit 3 years ago. After the concert we were transported by bus to a nice restaurant, where we could enjoy a buffet in a beautiful garden. It was a bit chilly for some of us in only choir blouses, but still nice.
Early the next morning we drove to Cairo. There it was sun and warmth and “millions” of people and cars day and night. We did the concert in the Great Hall in The American University in the most beautiful summer evening. The hotel where we stayed, Om Kolthoom Hote,l named after a famous Egyptian singer, was located in the neighbourhood of the hotel we stayed the last time, but it was closed for renovations.
Taxis were waiting just outside the hotel both day and night so it was easy to travel by ourselves. First we agreed on the destination and fare, and then we drove off –fast and crazy. We have to admit that Egypt has been shaped by its history and culture. We just did not have the time to see what we wanted to. On our common sightseeing trips we managed to visit, in Alexandria, the impressing , Qaitbay Kastel (Citadel of Qaitbay) from the 15th century, Kom Al-Shoquafas catacombs from the 1st century , the largest known Roman cemetery in Egypt and The Roman Amphitheatre, the only one in Egypt. In Cairo, we visited the Egyptian Museum, with amongst other things treasures from Tut Ankh Amuns grave and mummies and of course the unforgettable Pyramids and the Sphinx, this time during a sand storm making it almost impossible to keep your eyes open .
Thanks to WFC for another great adventure. Especially a big thank you to Rune for, as always being friendly and helpful, (I got my suitcase the day before leaving for home,) and to Kjell who had to manage all the arrangements for the singers, alone for the first time. He did a great job.
Eleanor Bomholt –
Singer and contact person, Denmark
St. Petersburg and Moscow
In September 2008 we are arranging a tour to Moscow and St. Petersburg. We have made different travel alternatives as you can see at the attached Application form. We will arrive in St. Petersburg on the 17th of September, at the latest because the rehearsals will start on the 18th. Some of you might wish to arrive earlier to see more of this marvellous City, and that will be possible. The concert will take place in the Grand Philarmonic Hall, Shostakovic Hall, which has been recently renovated, in the evening of the 21st of September 2008.The gifted conductor,
Vladimir Dmitriev, who also conducted our last concert in St. Petersburg in 2005, is conducting this time, too. We will perform I Verdi’s Requiem. We are excited to work together with him again.
Who will conduct in Moscow is still not decided.
The bureaucracy is still working slowly in Russia.
Mr. Jan Jensen visited St. Petersburg and Moscow in June to have discussions with the arrangers there.
He was as impressed of the city of St. Petersburg this time as in 2005. To visit St. Petersburg in the winter, as last time, and in the summer is two different things, but it is always beautiful.
He travelled by train from St. Petersburg to Moscow. It was an adventurous tour with lots of places to see. The trip took 5-6 hours.
Moscow is also a very beautiful and exciting city with lots of interesting museums. The treasures from The Tsar regime are absolutely worth seeing. So is a visit to The Kremlin. The culture in Moscow is blooming at all times. There are lots of theatres and operas to visit.
To get into Russia, you will need a tourist visa, so if you are planning to participate at this concert tour, we ask you to send your application form as soon as possible so we have time to get the formality settled in good time before departure.
In Russia we are going to perform the Verdi’s Requiem.
Rehearsal will be arranged in Norway, Sweden and Denmark where we have a larger group of singers. If there are larger groups of singers somewhere else in the world, WFC might arrange rehearsals there, too.
Weekend seminar
WFC will also arrange a weekend seminar in Karlstad, Sweden in November this year at Elite Statshotellet from the 9th to the 11th of November. Below you can see the programme and the expenses.
How to apply to the weekend seminar?
No application form!!
Do your payment to one of WFC accounts and mark the Payment:
Choir seminar in Karlstad:
That will be you application.
Choir seminar in Sweden- Programme
09.11.07 17.00 Check in
18.00 Rehearsal
22.00 Dinner
10.11.07 08.00 Breakfast
10.00 Rehearsal
12.30 Lunch
14.00 - 18.00 Rehearsal
20.00 Dinner
11.11.07 08.00 Breakfast
09.00 - 13.00 Rehearsal
13.15 Departure
Costs: Euro 175.-
Addition for single room: Euro 55,-
Application: Payment to a WFC account or by letter, e-mail or fax to the WFC office.
Binding application within
October 1st 2007
Contact persons world wide
Stuart Wainwright,” Applegarth",4 Meadow Lane, LE67 4DL, Coalville Leicestershire,
Great Britain. E-Mail:

New Zealand
Lynda Hunter. 26 Orr Cres. NZ Lower Hutt, E-Mail:

Ursula Eichlinger, Nobelstr. 17, 85055 Ingolstadt Tel.: 0841/58888

Joan Lam, 1130 Via Paraiso, Salinas, CA 93901, USA, Phone/fax: 0831 7584197

Meredith Towan. 55 David street, VIC-3188, HAMPTON
Fax/phone: 03 95984283

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Great Britain: HSBC Bank PLC 40-05-18 Account no 911 85675
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Australia/NZ: ANZ - BGL Account no 013-338 2586-79495
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Please mark all your payment with your membership number and what the payment is about.
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Cancellation rules:
From WFC you can order cancellation insurance for travellers in case of illness before departure.
This is valued for you, your wife/husband and children, in case of illness before departure.
WFC will keep:
Participation fee, Membership fee, Course fee, Cancellation insurance fee and Deposit
Confirmation from a doctor is requested.
General cancellation rules.
40 days before departure WFC keeps 100% of the price of the journey.
80 days before departure WFC keeps 75% of the price of the journey.
120 days before departure WFC keep 50% of the price of the journey

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