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Cincinnati USA juli 2012 Taipei, Taiwan august 2013 Riga Latvia juni 2014
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Vilnius og Tokaj 20090908 Newsletter 1 2009
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Vilnius / Kaunas June 21st and 22nd 2009 On these concerts the choir will be seated when not singing!
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Contact persons world wide England. Stuart Wainwright,” Applegarth",4 Meadow Lane, LE67 4DL, Coalville Leicestershire, Great Britain. E-Mail: Ne
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Did you remember to pay membership fee 2007 $ 55- £ 30- AUD 90- EURO 50
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ENGLISH Now is the time to pay membership fee 2007 $ 55- £ 30- AUD 90- EURO 50
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Nr. 01 - 2005  Now is the time to pay MEMBESHIP FEE 2005 , If you have not already done it,! $ 50- £ 30- AUD 90- EURO 50 Account numbers: Great Britain: HSBC Bank PLC 40-05-18 Account no 911 85675 Germany: Stadtsparekasse, München, BLZ 701 50000 Account no: 12-240636 Australia/NZ: ANZ - BGL Account no 013-338 2586-79495 USA: P.O.Box , 223247, Carmel CA 93922 Please mark all your payment with your membership number and what the payment is about. Please do not send us any checks!:
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No: 2 2004
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Newsletter NR. 2 2002 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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Info Membership fee 2002.
Nr. 02 - 2001  Newsletter NR. 2 2001Hello everybody. We are now back after an exciting and pleasant stay in Kaunas. This country is very special, and I believe everybody enjoyed the stay in Lithuania. There are lots of things to see and experience. Our choir representative, Ulla-Stina Ryking, will give you a resume from the trip and the concert.
Nr. 03 - 2000  Recruit a new member for WFC,
Please show the brochure of the tour to Lithuania to a friend. If you manage to recruit one or more new members for wfc, you may win a trip to Lithuania for free.
Nr. 02 - 2000  Hello all singers of WFC.
You had to wait for a long time to hear from us this time, but here we are. We finished the season in June with a marvellous concert in Dalhalla. The concert arena had great acoustics and was placed in fantastic surroundings. To participate in the local Midsummer celebration was successful to. We had some rainy weather, but even the sun came out during the concert. This concert we wish to do again. A quot
Nr. 03 - 1999  Hello, everybody!
Welcome to a new and exciting season with World festival Choir. New projects are coming up, and it is a great pleasure for us to present the future projects for you.
Nr. 02 - 1999  Hello, everybody!
Spring is coming, finally also here in Sandefjord, and in a short time our concerts in Stockholm, Oslo and China will take place. We have only a few more rehearsals to go, and we would like to remind you of the importance of going to all of them. It is also very important that you yourself take the responsibility of really learning the music, so that you feel sure and comfortable while doing the concerts, concentrating, not only on your own voice, but on being a part of a choir, giving a performance of high standard.
Nr. 01 - 1999  Dear singers, conductors and pianists : Happy New Year!
A new and exiting year is waiting for us. All over the world our singers are rehearsing Grand opera and Beethoven´s Ode to joy ! We are very pleased to see that a lot of old singers as well as many new members are joining this years projects, welcome, all of you! 1999 will be a year with many big events, and the first is the concert with Luciano Pavarotti at the Olympic Stadium in Stockholm June 16. This concert is arranged by Tibor Rudas in collaboration with Jan Jensen and Nordic Artist AB. June 26, Pavarotti will perform in Vigelandsparken in Oslo. World Festival Choir will participate in both concerts with repertoire from the Grand Opera book. Our conductor know which parts we are going to do. The sale of tickets has been very good, and the concert in Oslo is almost sold out!
Nr. 02 - 1998  Luciano Pavarotti in Vigelandsparken 26. June 1999.
It is incredible! Next year Luciano Pavarotti will be singing for us in the Vigeland Park in Oslo, and the stage will be no less than the stairway leading up to Norway's national symbol, the Monolith. Never before has a concert been held in the Vigeland Park. This is the very first time, and if we are to believe the owners of the park, it will also be the last time a concert will be held there. The stage will face west and the audience will sit in the amphitheatre against the Wheel. Here there will be 12,000 chairs and the entire park will be fenced off. We can, if we wish, have more than 1,000 singers in the choir. This concert is arranged in collaboration with The Norwegian Opera, which will participate with an orchestra of 82 musicians.
Nr. 01 - 1998  New concerts planned:
Soloconcert with Luciano Pavarotti (Opera) 98/99 Dalhalla, Rättvik Sverige (Verdi Requiem) 99 Concert with the 3 sopranos (Opera) 99/00/011 China (Opera) 99